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Over 105,000 readers follow the monthly newsletter Money Map Report by Keith Fitz-Gerald. Many of those subscribers have sent in their Money Map Report reviews to Money Map Press. They’ve told us how they eagerly await hearing about the next big trend from Keith, their global profit guide. So why are there Keith Fitz-Gerald scam rumors floating around?

Keith Fitz-Gerald scam rumors have no basis in reality. It’s possible that current or past subscribers failed to make money based on Keith’s suggestions, but that doesn’t mean Keith did anything wrong. It simply means that the service wasn’t right for that investor or that the investor didn’t follow advice.

Is There Really a Keith Fitz-Gerald Scam?

The money management tips that Keith provides have helped thousands of people double and even triple their net worths. If that’s the case, then how can there be a Keith Fitz-Gerald scam?

There can’t. Every product and service in the world has detractors, but that doesn’t mean there’s something nefarious behind the curtain.

Of course, Keith has committed himself to customer service, just as we all have at Money Map Press. If you have a Keith Fitz-Gerald complaint, please call us domestically at 1-888-384-8339 or internationally at 1-443-353-4519.

If there was a Keith Fitz-Gerald scam, we wouldn’t have a customer service team ready to take your call if you have an issue or problem. Scam artists just ignore the naysayers and pretend they don’t exist. Keith Fitz-Gerald and our customer support team meet any problem head-on.

Keith Fitz-Gerald Levels the Playing Field With Money Management Tips

The money management tips Keith offers his subscribers help them build wealth, maximize their trading accounts, and avoid bad stock market plays. It’s that simple.

“Keith has made me a lot of money with Emerson Electric, Raytheon, GE and many others.”

— Damon Friend

These money management tips aren’t just advice on how to make a great play in the stock market. Keith cares deeply about helping people avoid as much risk as possible and prepare for their retirements.

Most Helpful Money Map Report Reviews

Customer Reviews for Money Map Report are sent in all the time, letting us know how pleased they are with Keith’s service that analyzes markets, news, and positions in a model portfolio for users. His “Key Takeaways” explain what matters to your money (and what’s just noise). Read some testimonials below and see if you’re ready to be the next happy customer.

Check Out Money Map Report Reviews That Prove There’s No Keith Fitz-Gerald Scam

Interested in what others say about Keith Fitz-Gerald and Money Map Report? Check out some of the reviews we’ve received from happy customers.

“I have a 78% gain in less than seven months. I count this as a “win” for Money Map!”

– Doug A.

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my subscription. My first expert aided tip provided me a 24% return in a mere 30 days.”

– Rita H.

“I’m up 12% since I bought it giving me a nice gain of over $2,000 over the past month.”

– John

“I truly appreciate Keith’s guidance. Since I’ve used you, I think I’ve had two negative trades in about 1 year. Very impressive.”

— James Harker

“Thanks Keith for your excellent services. You are just about the only person I listen to anymore.”

— Michael Dale

“I am very grateful for Keith Fitz-Gerald. Average guys like me would never be able to figure this stuff out on our own.”

— Bob Fless

“Keith is genuinely good and is one of the very few investment advisors out there who knows what he is talking about. I’ve been through 21 advisors over the past 5 years, so I’ve had time to separate the men from the boys. Keith Fitzgerald is a man.”

— Mitch Altoff

“I have already gotten returns of 94% and 64%. Invested $40k and removed $28k in March – I’m not a wealthy man at 62, so got to be careful. Even after taking out a chunk, my account still shows a $15K profit, thanks to Keith!”

— Roger Landry

“Keith, Keep up the good work. I got in NQ a little late but made 70% in a short time and still sold half when you came out with you sell half for free trade.”

— Bob Alden

Are you concerned about a Keith Fitz-Gerald scam that doesn’t exist? Try Money Map Report for yourself. Keith offers incredible money management tips through Money Map Report and his other publications. You won’t be sorry.

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