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Getting your money in ahead of the next big trend – that’s how you make real wealth. Let the Money Map Report be your global profit guide. Shah Gilani and his team of investing specialists pool their huge network of contacts and 100+ years of combined experience to identify the biggest profit opportunities, well before Main Street catches on. Find out which fast-moving trend is about to reward investors, the best way to play it, and how to structure your portfolio for the biggest gains.

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For the first time in history, it’s small investors who hold the “edge.”

There’s no cap on your opportunity. A market of 45,000 global stocks and funds are yours to buy and sell. You can pull up all the latest news, research, and filings in an instant. Place your own trades online – virtually for free. It’s all wide open.

And there’s one advantage not even the pros on Wall Street have…

You call all your own shots, so you can outmaneuver the Big Boys 9 times out of 10.

Already thousands of small investors are exploiting this “edge” to grow their money faster and create new wealth from the markets.

Yet too many are relying on outdated tactics, like U.S.-only investing, buy-and-hold strategies, and spreading out risk through diversification.

That’s a costly mistake.

In fact, the average investor made an annual return of 5.02% over the past 20 years – versus 9.22% for the S&P 500, according to DALBAR. That means you may be missing out on half the returns you could be making every single year.

It’s not that these folks are bad investors.

They just need to update their “map.”

Tracking the World’s Biggest High-Profit Trends

Money Map Report was developed as a common-sense approach with just a few key strategies:

1. Never pay full price for anything. Value is at the forefront. Buying low is the easiest way to maximize your upside. To make sure you never overpay for a stock, Shah always recommends the tactics to squeeze every drop of profit out of an investment.

2. Insist on income. Few people understand that 90% of total market returns come from dividends. When your investment pays you to hold it, your wealth grows faster every single day.

3. Continually harvest your profits and limit your losses. “Buy and hold” doesn’t work anymore. You need to manage your investments to keep your risk at bare-bone levels. If you do this right, it only takes a few minutes every month.

Today over 46,000 subscribers around the world rely on Money Map Report, like Hal T.

I made 100% in 27 days!”

The Best (and Worst) Stocks in America

Shah Gilani here.

The pandemic has about 40% of Americans working from home right now (including me, by the way).

The way we live is totally different now.

It's a big change for us Americans, but it's an even bigger change for STOCKS.

Because right now, the pressure is on for companies to adapt, overcome, or die.

That means there are big companies about to get bigger, small companies about to move in and take over, and some dinosaurs that're going quietly into the night.

Bottom line: Big changes are coming. That means big “buy” opportunities.

So in my first act as your chief investment strategist, I'm hosting my own stock-picking lightning round called…


During this quick-hit session, I'll touch on over 50 stocks that are clear buys and sells.

That's going to include company names, tickers, and prices you should target.

Click here to download and print your “BUY THIS, NOT THAT” note sheet. Make sure to have it handy during the event.

I don't want you to miss a second of this unprecedented event.

I'll see you then!

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