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ATTENTION: Legal ruling covering 46 states means U.S. taxpayers can claim a portion of the historic $206 billion tobacco settlement.

A Money Morning Exclusive

For Release:

If you’re a United States taxpayer, please pay close attention to the following message.

You probably know that back in November of 1998, the “Big Four” Big Tobacco companies were sued for using misleading advertisements and manipulating scientific research…

And in a landmark settlement they agreed to pay a historic sum of money in perpetuity to those affected.

This became known as the Master Settlement Agreement.

And it stipulated that for the first 25 years of the deal, a bare minimum of $206 billion was to be awarded to those eligible to collect.

But the most important word in this agreement is “perpetuity.”

This Master Settlement Agreement has no end date. Big Tobacco is legally obligated to pay out this cash forever.

In fact, we estimate they’ve been paying out about $686 million a month

And it may surprise you to learn that you could personally claim a tax-free portion of this settlement!

Every month a check made out for $2,300 could arrive in your mailbox…

Even if you’ve never smoked

And neither has anybody in your family.

What you’re about to see is not endorsed by any state or federal agency.

It was uncovered after an exhaustive investigation into the Master Settlement Agreement.

We’ve determined that, while an estimated $686 million a month in settlement funds is being paid to certain states and U.S territories, it is not being made directly available to individuals.

However, we unearthed a strikingly simple way to benefit from these massive cash distributions.

To take part, you do not need to hire a lawyer.  And you do not have to add your name to a class-action lawsuit.

You simply need to fill out a short form with a small investment.

You can even do it all online with a few mouse clicks.

From start-to-finish it only takes a matter of minutes to get setup.

And you could begin receiving tax-free checks made out for $2,300 every month…

Starting this month.

Every American taxpayer – regardless of whether they have ever smoked or not, should learn how to claim their portion of these cash distributions.

Simply put, this newfound investment income is payback for Big Tobacco’s actions.

And it’s been a long time coming.

Now, this is a free country…

And if you choose to smoke knowing the potential health risks, that is your own decision.

But “Big Tobacco” concealed those very health risks from millions of Americans.

They laced their products with deadly chemicals.

Their CEOs had the nerve to testify under oath before Congress that their cigarettes weren’t addictive.

They suppressed the findings of their own scientists, who determined nicotine was, in reality, extremely addictive and extremely harmful.

All the while, they orchestrated a nationwide misinformation campaign to prey on the unwitting public.

Sleazy doctor testimonials, cute babies, even ridiculous weight loss claims… they had no shame!

I mean, take a closer look at this ad.

That’s a girl telling her doctor she’s going to live to 100.

It’s an ad for Camel cigarettes.

Today this seems absurd…

But years back, people didn’t know any better…

And the results were devastating.

Big Tobacco destroyed countless lives.

Their actions placed an undue burden on our healthcare system…

And they got away with it for too long.

One of the reasons was because they had a lot of friends in high places who protected them.

In fact, just in the 1990s alone, Big Tobacco spent over $33 million on political donations.

You Are Eligible to Collect Tax-Free Cash Thanks to the Master Settlement Agreement

It doesn’t matter if:

  • You’ve never smoked in your life
  • You enjoy the occasional cigar
  • You smoke two packs a day

You could begin collecting $2,300 a month. Keep reading to see how!

But more important, Big Tobacco had teams of highly-paid, cold-blooded lawyers on retainer.

And they took no prisoners.

However, in an incredible David vs. Goliath story, a small group of state litigators beat down the most powerful legal foe the court system had ever seen.

Justice was served.

Big Tobacco was forced to negotiate an unprecedented “forever settlement.”

It stipulated that, so long as they are in business, they would have to pay billions and billions of dollars every year to atone for their actions.

And there is an interesting twist to this story…

One that has enormous implications for retirees, future retirees, or anyone searching for more income.

The Master Settlement Agreement dictates Big Tobacco distribute cash to 46 states and five U.S. territories forever.

And thanks to a special clause in this deal, Americans have the chance to claim 100% tax-free income from it.

To quote New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman:

Big Tobacco must pay.

This money is even guaranteed and backed by the government.

That means you could have a BIG piece of the Master Settlement Agreement waiting for you…

And an extra $2,300 in tax-free income arriving in your mailbox every single month.

It might also be much, much more.

You see, “Big Tobacco” has already been paying out “Big Money” to Americans.

  • Ellen Grisholm’s deal averages out to around $2,500 a month…
  • Maria Lemtosh, $5,000 a month…
  • And Paul Palfrey’s cut comes in at about $8,300 a month.

Now, here’s something truly remarkable…

For Ellen, Maria, and Paul, these figures amount to a monthly average of what their current deals would pay them for the next 100 years.

This is important because, as I mentioned, the Master Settlement Agreement dictates that the tobacco companies must pay out forever.

And these rewards can get bigger with each passing year.

At this very moment, government offices in cities and towns across the country are receiving this cash.

It’s being held in escrow accounts, waiting to be claimed.

But what most people don’t realize is that even if you weren’t a direct victim of Big Tobacco’s misdeeds like Ellen, Maria, and Paul, you can still get a portion of this settlement cash…

And I want to help you do just that.

In this short presentation, I’m going to show you exactly how you can claim your share of the Master Settlement Agreement.

It’s Incredibly Easy to Receive Master Settlement Payments!

If you have a few minutes and a phone or computer, you can be off to the races!

It’s very easy to do.

You don’t need to hire a legal professional…

And you won’t have to support tobacco companies or pay complicated fees and taxes.

If you can make a quick, seven-minute phone call…

Or can fill out a short form online from you computer…

Then you can begin receiving what I call Master Settlement Payments.

These checks will be sent from the local governments that are disbursing this tobacco settlement cash.

Each could be made out for an average of $2,300 or more…

And you could begin receiving these checks this month… and then every single month after, for the rest of your life.

This money is tax-free, and it’s yours to do with as you please.

Plus you are allowed to gift your Master Settlement Payments to your heirs.

And they can do the same.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity…

And it’s too good to pass up.

So let’s jump right in.

My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald.

I’ve spent more than 35 years in the markets as an analyst, consultant, and quantitative trader…

And I cut my teeth at some of Wall Street’s biggest firms, including Wilshire Associates, which provides services to clients in 20 countries representing assets totaling approximately $8 trillion.

Maybe you’ve caught one of my regular guest appearances on the Fox Business Network or CNBC or other networks over the years.

For much of my career, I was someone who helped the rich get richer.

But now you’ll hear me singing a different tune.

Today, I’ve made it my mission to help everyday Americans level the playing field. To give them the power to beat a system that’s rigged against them…

And to help them achieve true financial independence.

I’ve found the best way to do that is to exploit opportunities the wealthy are overlooking.

It’s Time to Take Back

Your Retirement!

Master Settlement Payments are a powerful alternative income stream you can tap into today!

Think about it. Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates aren’t targeting ways to make an extra $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000 a month.

It’s simply not enough to get their attention.

But that kind of money is a real difference-maker to the average retiree or somebody who is hoping to retire down the road.

That’s why I homed in on Master Settlement Payments.

They are a powerful alternative income stream you can tap into today.

And they give you the chance to check off three major boxes on nearly every investor’s checklist:

  • Enormous Income: You can safely make an average of $2,300 a month or more. The money is guaranteed to such an extent it’s non-dischargeable in bankruptcy..
  • Forever Income: You could set yourself up to receive Master Settlement Payments indefinitely and then pass them on to your heirs. And they can do the same thing…
  • Tax-Free Income: This income is generally tax-free. So you’ll pay zero taxes to the government.

I’m going to give you the full scoop on everything, because nobody is talking about this.

Frankly, it’s a taboo subject to many people. Not to me, though. Plain and simple, you deserve this money…

And Big Tobacco deserves everything coming their way.

Can you imagine looking at ads today with dentists and doctors falsely promoting the health benefits of cigarettes?

Or how about opening your favorite magazine and being greeted by Santa Claus touting how his favorite brand of smokes protects him from some nonsense like “throat scratch?”

The Master Settlement Agreement put an end to these corrupt and dangerous tactics.

The punitive damages were gigantic…

And the lion’s share of this money has been dedicated to helping those whose health was directly affected by the cover up.

But in reality, even if you’ve never smoked in your life, you’ve still had to pick up the tab for Big Tobacco’s misdeeds.

For instance, do you like paying more for your health insurance because of Big Tobacco?

Of course not. But you are.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have determined that for every $100 you spend on your health insurance, $9 goes toward covering those who suffer from tobacco-related conditions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that money back and then some?

Of course it would.

So do I think forcing Big Tobacco to pay the piper is a taboo idea?

No way.

I love that they have no choice but to hand over $206 billion during the first 25 years of the Master Settlement Agreement…

And hundreds of billions, possibly trillions more over the long haul.

This money is going to right a whole lot of wrongs…

And you should absolutely collect all that you can, which could be a substantial monthly check.

It could be thousands of extra dollars every month, in your pocket, tax-free, to do with as you please.

Just consider these folks collecting money due to damages caused by Big Tobacco…

  • Sean Prince, a retired telephone technician who’s averaging $3,300 a month…
  • Suzanne Lesko is getting an even bigger piece of the action. She’s averaging $5,000 a month…
  • And at $6,000 a month on average, Sam Fromme’s haul is really exciting.

It goes without saying that this settlement money can be life-changing.

Currently, it is flowing into 46 states and five U.S. territories…

And even if you or a loved one hasn’t suffered the ill effects of Big Tobacco, there’s a way for you to sign up to receive a portion of this money right now…

And you can begin pocketing this extra cash, tax-free.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The original Master Settlement Agreement required U.S. tobacco firms, to pay out a sizeable piece of their annual profits in perpetuity.

And unlike previous decisions, this time the money would be distributed to local governments.

In the court system, perpetuity is defined as an infinite amount of time.

It’s another way of saying forever.

That’s how long the Master Settlement Agreement will last.

The tobacco money you can claim from the states who settled even survives bankruptcy.

$686 Million a MONTH is Being Disbursed Across the Country!

Isn’t it time you got a piece of this tobacco settlement money?

Now, to ensure there would be no funny business or clever accounting, the Master Settlement Agreement dictates that a minimum of $206 billion be paid out over the first 25 years alone.

So far, Big Tobacco has been dispersing about $686 million a month on average.

This money has been flooding into cities from Topeka, Kansas to Cheyenne, Wyoming to Columbus, Ohio.

Payments are also being mailed to government offices in far-flung places like the Virgin Islands and Guam.

It’s been an absolute boom…

And this is how you could find a check for $2,300 or more a month in your mailbox… every month!

All without paying a red cent in taxes!

From time to time, a special project will arise. And a local government will need to come up with a lump sum of capital.

And this fueled a series of ultimate win-win deals to be struck.

According to Matthew Quigley of the Federal Reserve, these arrangements allow governments to lock in “funds today rather than smaller payments spread out over many years.”

You’ve heard of a similar deal with lottery winners.

The person who hits the Powerball will sometimes take a lump-sum payment from the government now instead of receiving annual installments.

Only this time, it’s the government looking for the lump-sum capital.

When you help provide this capital for the government, your money is pooled with that of other Americans. So you don’t have to put up a great deal to get started.

What would you do with an extra $2,300 a month?

The choices are endless!

Your one-time investment can be as little as $250.

And in return, the government will pay you back – plus interest – with the settlement money Big Tobacco is legally obligated to pay that city or small town forever.

The checks will arrive every month. This income is tax-free.

And taking part is simple.

You just pick the Master Settlement Payment deal, or deals, that you prefer…

And then make a phone call or fill out a short investment form online to sign up.

From start to finish it takes a matter of minutes.

Unlocking this powerful, tax-free income stream can put you on the fast track to a comfortable retirement.

And these investment opportunities are available all over the U.S.!

Master Settlement cash is flowing into cities and towns across 46 states.

For example, New York State offers 29 deals.

In Suffolk County, New York you could be sent a check for $2,300 a month from the tobacco settlement.

In Westchester, New York you could collect $1,783 a month tax-free.

And in Rockland, New York your piece of the tobacco settlement could be $1,944 every single month.

Now, over in Iowa, seven Master Settlement Payment deals are available.

So if you’d like, a check from Des Moines could arrive in your mailbox every month for $1,182.

Or if you’d prefer to get in on the tobacco settlement money being sent to California, you’ll have 68 different deals to choose from.

Until now, you’ve probably never heard of Inland Empire, California.

But if you start receiving Master Settlement Payments of $2,811 a month from this city, you’ll never forget its name. And that money will be tax-free as well.

Currently, the only states not receiving settlement money are Florida, Texas, Minnesota, and Mississippi…

Because they never took part in the original agreement that was struck with Big Tobacco.

So you might be wondering…

“If I don’t live in a place that’s receiving settlement money, am I out of luck?”

The short answer is no.

The long answer is no as well.

You are not out of luck.

There are no residency requirements whatsoever in any of the states, cities, and towns that have negotiated Master Settlement Payment deals.

So if you live in Eugene, Oregon…

You are free to claim upwards of $2,054 a month in tobacco money from Richmond, Virginia.

And if you call Charleston, South Carolina home…

There’s nothing stopping you from tapping into a Master Settlement Payment deal in Bay City, Michigan.

You are as entitled to cash a check for $1,566 every month, as the local residents are.

Master Settlement Payments are also available in five U.S. territories!

Puerto Rico negotiated a very attractive deal that could have paid you $2,328 a month.

But there are also some very exciting choices in places like Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

In fact, a Master Settlement Payment deal that’s available in the Virgin Islands could easily pay for your dream vacation to the Virgin Islands… and then some!

And regardless of where you choose to collect your Master Settlement Payments from, you never have to settle for just one deal.

You can take part in a Master Settlement Payment deal in North Dakota that will pay you $900 a month

While also collecting $1,200 at the beginning of every month that is being mailed from Washington.

If this sounds like a lot to sift through, don’t worry.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to claim a free guide that has everything streamlined…

Including my top 10 favorite Master Settlement Payment deals.

And within a few minutes you can set up numerous aggressive income streams.

There is no limit to how many Master Settlement Payments you can claim! Or how big these checks can grow.

Remember, Big Tobacco has been paying out an average of $686 million a month.

But that’s not a fixed amount. It’s a percentage of overall tobacco profits.

So over time, the value of these payments can grow.

And that’s exactly what’s been happening.

Take New Mexico.

Their settlement payments have spiked from $14.7 million to $35 million.

Missouri is cashing in even bigger.

These Payments Keep Going UP!

Back in 2014, Big Tobacco disbursed Master Settlement Payments totaling $41.6 million to the “Show-Me State.”

However, in the most recent report, that figure had jumped more than three-fold.

So Missouri is now the “Show-Me-the-Money” state, banking $132.3 million.

And not to be outdone, Pennsylvania’s haul grew from $203.6 million to $352.5 million in a single year.

In other words, there is a lot of “Big Tobacco” money out there for the taking.

And it keeps getting bigger.

Since 2014, the value of Master Settlement Payments has risen between 10.2% and 19.2% a year across the board.

That means if you were to begin collecting $2,300 a month from Master Settlement Payments, you could become even wealthier next year from taking part.

And the year after.

You could even find yourself making more and more trips to the mailbox.

If you like the idea of cashing 12 checks every year…

You’ll probably love the idea of bumping that to 52 checks.

It’s simple. It’s just a three-step process…

And this could potentially transform a $2,300 income stream into a much larger sum.

Imagine earning $3,300 or $5,300 a month…

Only now it will be divvied up into weekly checks!

You’re probably starting to see why I love Master Settlement Payments.

You spend a small part of one day – literally minutes – getting set up…
And then 364 relaxing and enjoying the perks of this new income stream.

Master Settlement Payments can give you the freedom to live your life exactly as you want.

If you’re looking to earn just enough extra cash so that you never have to worry about bills or unexpected expenses again, they could make that happen.

If you have children or grandchildren in college, you could use this new income stream to pay for their tuition each semester…

And they’ll never be weighed down by the burden of student debt.

Of course, with the potential for year-after-year growth, Master Settlement Payments can also allow you to enjoy the finer things in life.

So if you want to rent a luxurious mountain home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a family vacation…

Or enjoy tee time in Augusta…

Go for it. It’s your money – you are in control.

Or if you want to put this extra cash towards a classic convertible…

You’ll have plenty of time now for sunset drives with the top down.

Or if you’d prefer a 28-foot saltwater fishing boat…

Master Settlement Payments can help you get out on the open waters, where you’ll be reeling in marlins…

Or snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean.

What you do with this money is nobody’s business.

It’s rightfully yours.

And because this income is tax-free, you get to keep every last dime.

So let’s talk about the risks.

Because Master Settlement Payments are tied to tobacco profits, it’s possible the value of your stake or those payments could go down.

Having said that, though, I sure like the odds I’m seeing.

The numbers don’t lie.

The tobacco business is booming.

The industry sells over 5.6 trillion cigarettes annually…

And it raked in $500 billion last year.

Could those profits disappear? I suppose, but it’s highly unlikely.

Look at Kansas.

According to the most recent data, the “Sunflower State’s” settlement payments spiked from $32 million to $62 million.

The Checks Keep Coming In!

While over in Connecticut, the “Constitution State” has gone from receiving $96 million in tobacco settlement money to $114 million a year.

And Maryland’s payments soared from $53 million to $130 million.

In other words, this money hasn’t been drying up… it’s been going up.

And here’s something else I want to point out…

There are three words written into each deal that offer you iron-clad, long-term protection.

“Non-dischargeable under bankruptcy.”

I don’t think I have to explain what that means to you.

And it still gets better.

Please listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you…

A special provision was negotiated in the original agreement…
And it could soon force Big Tobacco to double or triple their settlement payments.

This is an example where, for once, the fine print actually works in your favor.

It’s also why there will never be a better time than right now to get into these deals.

If you recall, Big Tobacco is required to pay a minimum of $206 billion through 2023…

And not a penny less.

Well, on their current pace, in order to hit that mark, they will have no choice but to kick in an extra $17.5 billion between now and 2023.

To be clear, that’s extra money. That’s on top of the massive pile they’re already handing out.

Big Tobacco could disburse this cash nationwide in one shot.

They have vaults and vaults of money in their reserves.

It won’t amount to much more than a rounding error for them.

Ahead: The Top Ten Master Settlement Payment Deals Available Today!

Or they could space it out over the course of a few years.

The end result is the same.

An estimated $17.5 billion worth of additional checks will need to be cut…

And that could double or triple the value of all newly available Master Settlement Payments literally overnight.

If you’re getting excited, good… you should be!

Because to take advantage of this alternative income stream, you need to act quickly.

Each Master Settlement Payment deal has a limited number of spots, and once claimed, they are gone for good.

Currently there are 156 lucrative deals to choose from.

But I don’t anticipate that remaining the case for very long…

Because Americans who have become privy to these Master Settlement Payments are beating down doors to lock up their spots.

The Wall Street Journal has declared them to be a “hit” with investors.

And The New York Times praises the ability for Americans to collect “steady tax-free payments.”

And that presents yet another opportunity for you to pocket a small fortune from them.

So far, all I’ve told you about is the thousands of dollars of tax-free income you can make from Master Settlement Payments.

What I haven’t mentioned is the rapidly growing reseller’s market for these deals that gives you the ability to cash out for a big lump sum.

For instance, it’s very likely you could secure a spot in a Master Settlement Payment deal in Columbus, Ohio…

Then begin cashing tax-free checks for a potential $1,300 or more.

Then down the road at some point, if you want to cash out, you could be looking at a massive lump-sum payment of $25,500, $46,725, $116,830, or more.

It all depends on the specific deal.

However, if you want to just sit back and continue collecting these checks for as long as possible, you’re free to do so.

$206 billion was put in play just to kick things off. This money is going to get snatched up by Americans from coast to coast.

It might as well be you who gets a piece of the action.

And it couldn’t be any easier to get started.

I would like to send you a special report that shows you how to tap into Master Settlement Payments almost INSTANTLY.

It’s called:


Open it up and you’ll see I’ve vetted every deal available in every participating state and U.S. territory.

There are 156 total in this report… all delivered to you on a silver platter.

Tough Luck, IRS!

This Is a Secret Tax Haven for the Average American

The 1% have a deep bag of legal tricks for protecting their money from Uncle Sam.

But now folks on Main Street have a secret up their sleeves as well: Master Settlement Payments.

This cash can be yours free and clear of the IRS!

So get ready to tell the taxman to take a walk… and use this extra money to spoil yourself!

Take California.

Last year, Big Tobacco was legally obligated to pay the Golden State $713 million in settlement money.

And if you want a piece of the action, I have some good news.

There are currently 68 Master Settlement Payment deals that are ripe for the picking!

You might find one to your liking in Iowa as well.

In their most recent filing, the Hawkeye State disclosed they had received $64 million from Big Tobacco.

And they are ready and willing to transfer you a big, tax-free portion of their newest haul.

You’ll be able to choose from seven deals there.

And don’t forget about Rhode Island.

The “Ocean State” might be tiny, but they’re cashing big checks from Big Tobacco.

Last year they had $51.5 million to put up for grabs…

And today they have negotiated 21 unique Master Settlement Payment deals.

This is just a small taste of what’s in this handbook.

Again, in Big Tobacco Must Pay I share every deal available across 46 states and five territories.

My team’s taken a magnifying glass to each of them.

It was a massive undertaking. And every minute has been worth it.

You’ll receive a streamlined review of each deal.

I’ll take you through the cash distribution schedules and growth projections.

I’ve also created a custom ratings system so you can quickly find the deal or deals that are right for you.

And in no time, you are going to need a bigger mailbox.

Because it could soon be stuffed with monthly checks for $750… $1,639… $2,300… or more!

And remember, Master Settlement Payment deals are secret tax havens for the average American.

So every penny you pocket will stay yours. Uncle Sam is entitled to $0.

Now, I’m a fan of EVERY Master Settlement Payment deal, but a few do stand head and shoulders above the rest.

And that’s why I’ve created “The Perfect 10 Hotlist.”

As the name suggests, it reveals my absolute top 10 favorites.

For instance, last year Washington, D.C. received $37 million in tobacco settlement money.

And fortunately, our nation’s capital is more than willing to transfer you a large portion of it.

They’ve made a Master Settlement Payment deal available that could pay you $1,865 a month!

Another one of my favorites is over in San Diego, California.

Tap into it and you could make over $2,300 a month!

And a similar Master Settlement Payment deal in West Virginia could be worth $2,400 a month.

This one might have even bigger upside, since major tobacco companies like R.J. Reynolds have a large presence in the “Mountain State.”

In Big Tobacco Must Pay, I’m also going to share

“The Super Deal”

When I first came across this, I was stunned. It forced me to do a double take.

A special deal has been negotiated. It gives you the right, with one small investment, to receive a piece of eight incredible Master Settlement Payments.

That’s worth repeating. Eight separate income streams, all combined into one deal.

You’ll tap into offerings from New York, California, and Ohio among other spots.

For many investors, this could mean at least $3,483 a month in a single shot!

And don’t forget: Big Tobacco is legally obligated to pay out at least $206 billion by 2023.

However, thanks to a special provision in the original agreement, the value of the states’ settlement money could triple overnight!

That’s because, on its current pace, Big Tobacco is going to have no choice but to disburse an extra $17.5 billion at some point.

The only question is when.

That means right now you have an incredible opportunity to lock in one or more Master Settlement Payment deals.

Then sit back and watch as the value of each skyrockets.

Now, if you’d like to give your family the gift of forever income, in Big Tobacco Must Pay, I’ll show you how to pass on your Master Settlement Payments to your loved ones whenever you like.

And they can pass them on from generation to generation as well.

However, if you ever want to cash out, there will be a mob of income-starved investors beating down your door…

And they’ll beg you to sell them your stake for a king’s ransom!

You might be paid $30,000 or $40,000 to cash out (depending on your initial investment).

Some investors could even be positioned to walk away with upwards of $325,500.

Big Tobacco Must Pay makes everything simple!

For each deal, I’ll provide instructions regarding the short forms you’ll need to fill out.

I’ll show you how to do this online with a few mouse clicks!

Or if you’d like, you can sign up over the phone. I’ll provide the numbers to call.

I’ll also walk you through how you can upgrade your monthly checks to weekly payouts. It’s just three simple steps!

Finally, I’ll give you the full scoop on the resellers’ market and how you can use it to cash out whenever you like.

That could put you in line for a five- or six-figure lump-sum windfall in the near future!

Conservatively, the value of Big Tobacco Must Pay is $99…

But if you’re one of the first 500 people to step forward today, you can receive a copy for free.

And here’s why:

I’m on a mission!

You see, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I had to fight tooth and nail to get a shot on Wall Street.

I was competing with Ivy League elites from wealthy families who had all the right connections.

I knew I couldn’t take anything for granted so I outworked each of them.

I’m proud to say I achieved the American Dream.

And now I’ve dedicated my life to helping everyday folks do the same. To help them enjoy a life of financial freedom and security.

Which is why, along with Big Tobacco Must Pay, I would like to include a 100% risk-free subscription to my flagship publication, Money Map Report.

Read by over 137,000 people every month, I’m proud to say this is the #1 investment research publication available today.

Every month, I release a new edition that explores the powerful trends and stories that will impact the economy, the markets, and your wealth…

And you will receive exciting opportunities that allow you to capitalize on these events.

Stopping cybercrime is a perfect example of this.

According to Forbes, the rise of hackers digitally breaking into major corporations and government agencies is projected to cause $2.1 trillion in damage.

Which is why a lot of money is now flooding into the small firms who are developing cyber defense systems.

So in a recent edition of Money Map Report, I recommended a true innovator in this field.

Using machine learning, their software is able to decipher new cyberattacks in real time.

Already Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Walt Disney, Netflix, NASDAQ, and Raytheon are turning to them.

In other recent editions of Money Map Report, I’ve uncovered instability at global central banks.

I’ve tracked the unstoppable march toward driverless cars.

And I’ve revealed how members could buy into a “retirement warranty” investment that is on track to pay out double every three years.

You are going to soon see how my team and I at Money Morning work around the clock to deliver readers one massive windfall opportunity after another.

Westport Innovations 543%
SPDR S&P 500 455%
Chipotle 179%
Madison Square Garden 350%
ITT Educational Services 346%
Vanguard FTSE 449%
Cheniere Energy 368%
Goldman Sachs 456%
Golar LNG 300%
Ram Energy 421%
Navios Maritime 400%
Gilead Sciences 411%
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals 345%
ProShares Ultrashort Euro 382%
Neurocrine Biosciences 400%
Costco 300%

But more important, with Money Map Report, I have given investors a way to take complete control of their financial futures.

As you may know, the average American nearing retirement age has about $127,000 saved up across their investments.

It’s simply not enough.

Now, had that money been allocated to the S&P 500 back in 2000, it would’ve risen 58%, hitting $200,380.

Not bad by any standard.

But it doesn’t measure up to Money Map Report. It’s not even close.

In fact, a hypothetical portfolio using Money Map Report’s proprietary investing approach shows that same $127,000 would’ve transformed into $651,268.

Nothing makes me prouder than hearing how Money Map Report has helped change my readers’ lives.

Some have used my research and investment guidance to make tens of thousands of dollars.

Others, hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Even millions of dollars.

That’s truly life-changing money…

And I look forward to you becoming our next success story.

As a member of Money Map Report, you will receive Monthly Editions delivered to both your mailbox and email inbox.

But that’s just the beginning.

Whenever it’s time to cash out of one of our recommendations I’ll send you a Profit Alert.

I’ll also prepare Weekly Research Dossiers.

You’ll have access to the Money Map Report Intelligence Network. This might be one of your favorite perks because I’ve got the smartest economic, business, and political minds on speed dial.

I’m going to regularly release Exclusive Audio and Video Briefings that will take you even deeper into the markets.

You’ll be able to visit a Members-only Website that has incredible research tools you can put to work.

And my VIP Concierge Service will always be available to answer any questions you might have about your subscription.

As you can see, Money Map Report is comprehensive.

However, it is priced so nearly anyone can afford it.

Now, before we get you all setup, I have a few more surprises.

I’d also like to send you three additional special reports at no charge.

The first is called Unleashing the Power of 26(f) Programs.

During the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created a brain trust of some of the nation’s smartest economic minds.

Their work would become known as the Securities Act of 1933.

It was a critical part of the New Deal, famous for Social Security and the FDIC insurance program.

However, they also championed what I call the 26(f) Program. This is one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets.

Today, some 26(f) Programs offer a unique way to back the hottest private companies before they IPO.

In this special report, I’m going to reveal the 10 best being offered today.

For instance, I share a 26(f) Program that’s had a $162 million position in Uber, $90 million in Airbnb, $89 million in Dropbox, and $43 million in Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

It even was dialed into Facebook BEFORE its IPO.

Facebook’s value surged 49,900% while it was still private. That’s the equivalent of transforming $500 into $250,000.

If you want a chance at experiencing that kind of run firsthand, this 26(f) is your ticket.

Taking part is simple. I will provide you with step-by-step instructions. In fact, I actually clocked a friend as he grabbed his stake in one. It only took him 97 seconds.

And oh, by the way, there are also 26(f) Programs that can act as 100% legal tax havens.

I’ve already given my readers a chance to bank $68,740 from a 26(f) Program.

However, I think the sky is the limit for how much they could make. And now I want to bring you into the fold.

Then with the next report, I’m going to reveal an incredible collection of off-the-beaten path cash generators.

This one I call Earn a Raise in Your Retirement.

And it will disclose three BIG TIME income streams that could help you make more than you did during your career.

I’m going to give you the details on:

  • President Reagan’s “Venture Capital Program” that Could Pay You an Extra $2,250 Every Month!
  • A Special East Texas Land Deal that Could Put $1,195 a Month in Your Pocket!
  • And a way for you to Benefit from Rent Checks from Today’s Top Tech Firms. This could make you $4,000 richer every month!

With these incredible income streams you could be living like a millionaire in your golden years.

That’s the good news.

But here’s the bad news: The more you make, the more the IRS will try to take from you.

So I’ve created another special report that is all about protecting your newfound wealth.

Its name says it all: IRS-Proof Your Life.

Open it up and you’ll discover:

  • The #1 Secret for Avoiding an Audit and Pocketing an Extra $1,860.
  • The “Invisible” Bank Account That Can “Hide” $100,000 of Your Income.
  • A Way to Legally Skirt a $1,039 Insurance Tax You Could Owe This Year.
  • A Strategy for Doubling Your Home Deduction This Year and EVERY Year for the Rest of Your Life.
  • The Secret to Slashing Your Dividend Taxes by 60%.
  • How to Take Advantage of a Powerful “Calendar Loophole” That Can Add $6,000 to Your Retirement Account.

Plus so much more…

The total value of Big Tobacco MUST Pay, Unleashing the Power of the 26(f) Program, Earn a Raise in Your Retirement, and IRS-Proof Your Life is easily $286.

Heck, it’s probably worth five-to-ten times that.

However, if you are one of the first 500 people to accept this invitation… you will get this package for free.

All you need to do is accept a no-risk invitation to try out my Money Map Report.

So let’s not waste another moment.

Click the button below to get started.

I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald.

And I look forward to us working together.

To Your Success,

Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist

Money Morning

June 2017

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