Keith Fitz-Gerald: What Does Wealth Mean to You?

My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald. You might be familiar with my work or brand new to my brand. Either way, I often hear questions about what wealth means to me and how I approach it. If you’re looking for Keith Fitz-Gerald money management tips, you’ll get them. First, though, I want to explain a little[…]


What Keith Fitz-Gerald Can Teach You About Money Management

Who is Keith Fitz-Gerald? I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald, one of the most successful stock traders in the game today and an expert on predicting the next big things when it comes to the market overall. I’m well-traveled, and I like to see the companies behind the stocks so I understand market sentiment and potential profits. The[…]


Money Management Tips for the Recent College Grad

I often give various money management tips to people in different stages of their lives. A recent college grad has different goals, needs, obstacles, and assets than a retiree with $1 million in the bank. My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald, and I’m a well-known stock trader and teacher with lots of experience under my belt.[…]


How Keith Fitz Gerald Chooses Trades

I hear this question a lot: “How does Keith Fitz-Gerald choose his trades?” People see that I make lots of money in the stock market and they wonder what I’m doing differently from everyone else. It’s not that I have the highest IQ on the planet or that I have access to secret inside information.[…]


Can Keith Fitz-Gerald Help You Invest?

The stock market can prove confusing. I should know. I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald, and I’ve spent more than 35 years watching, analyzing, and investing in the stock market as well as other securities. My newsletter, The Money Map Report, is Money Map Press’s flagship newsletter and has more than 80,000 members. You might be wondering how[…]