capital wave forecast

Three Ways to Profit from a Market Correction

Judging by recent market gyrations, investor panic is definitely creeping in around the edges. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the angst just like you do. You’re not alone.

The market declines we’ve seen lately represent some of the nastiest in a long time. If your immediate instinct is to head for the hills, I fully empathize with you. But that would be a big – and all-too-common – mistake.

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capital wave forecastIt’s no secret that Wall Street supercomputers have made a mockery of today’s markets. But what you might not know is that at any given time, those same supercomputers are overbuying, overselling, and distorting a whole slew of everyday stock prices – and the price you see might just be an illusion. Regular retail investors never knew the difference between those “fake” Wall Street prices and the “real” ones… until today. Shah Gilani’s Arbitrage Detection Grid System (ADG System) not only shows what a stock should be worth… but also when the market forces should kick in, the stock should jump, and huge profits are made. If you’re a Straight Line Profits subscriber, click here to login. If not, see below for more information about Straight Line Profits.

capital wave forecastFor decades, Shah Gilani has been pulling the levers of power at some of the world’s top financial institutions.

Every day, companies head straight for the gutter even on the best of news, taking investors’ hard-earned cash with them as their share prices fall. Why is that? The short answer is because Wall Street is lying to you, letting devious companies continue their ruses.

But the long answer is much more sinister.

And by utilizing an unorthodox, multi-layered trading strategy tailored for only the bravest and most decisive of investors, you could have a shot at the biggest and fastest double-, triple-, and quadruple-digit winners on companies that deserve to fail – enough to potentially make 10 times your money with each and every trade recommendation.

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