Your Taxes and Retirement Guide

Whether you are gearing up for retirement or are carefully planning for the future, taxes seem inevitable. During retirement, most people stop working entirely and hope to live a comfortable life with income from social security and other sources. Most retirees will have limited income and would prefer to keep every last bit. Unfortunately, retirees[…]

What is the 26(f) Program?

Americans are using a Great Depression-era investment strategy to set themselves up for retirement. This money-making strategy is called the 26(f) Program. What is the 26(f) Program? The 26(f) Program is derived from Title 26 of the Internal Revenue U.S. Code. Subtitle F “Procedure and Administration.” This investment program was coined by Keith Fitz-Gerald, the[…]

What is a 26(f) Program and 6 Facts to Know

The “26(f) Program,” also nicknamed the Reagan retirement, was coined by Keith Fitz-Gerald, the chief investment strategist for Money Morning, a global-investing news service. It allows investors to own shares in relatively safe stocks and anticipate a steady return over the stocks’ lifetime. Additionally, investors also have the opportunity to own a stake in some[…]

5 Tips To Better Manage Business Finances

As a new business owner, you’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Perhaps your current small business strategy is going to see rapid growth and be so successful that you are able to franchise it out and make money each month from your franchisees. Many a large corporation will buy you out, which will enable you to retire early. Perhaps you’ll become the talk of[…]

Finances In Marriage: 5 Tips For Couples

Congratulations on your recent marriage! Now that you have decided who you want to spend the rest of your life with, now it’s time to figure out how you’re going to be handling the finances in marriage. Money can be a tricky topic to talk about with your new spouse, so it’s best to learn money management[…]

7 Personal Money Management Tips To Help You Save

You’re not in the best financial situation, but you don’t know what to do to turn it around. Unfortunately, in school, they don’t teach you personal money management tips that you can use to save up and ensure you won’t be in debt throughout your life. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place to begin your financial education.[…]


Top 5 Money Management Tips for College Students

College is a very exciting time in your life. You’re out of your parents’ house and in the real world, interacting with other people from around the globe, learning new things, and experiencing amazing activities in a new town. While you’re hoping that this is going to be one of the best times of your[…]

Teaching-your teen-about-money-market-investments-is-a-good-way-to get-them-kickstarted-on-their-financial-journey

How to Talk with Your Teen About Money Market Investments

Your teen is fast approaching adulthood and you want to ensure they’re set up with the best information possible in order to succeed in life. In just a few years, they will be on their own, starting college or a career, and they need to begin building their wealth. After all, their investments need time to[…]

You’re Never Too Young to Implement These 5 Money Management Tips

When you’re young, you’re thinking about paying your rent, getting out of student debt, and saving up for a home. You may not be concerned about retirement, your future kids’ college education, or other future life expenses. They seem so far away, and you don’t think you need to start worrying about them now. After all, you[…]

The Top 4 Personal Money Management Questions, Answered

1. How Far Ahead Should I Plan My Finances? Let’s say you’re 25 years old. You think it’s too early to start investing or planning for retirement, but that’s the wrong attitude to have. You should start saving as early as possible for the rest of your life. Why? Just take a look at the math.   If you begin saving for retirement[…]