High Velocity Profits

High Velocity Profits is the only “buy and hold” investment approach with the potential to beat even today’s volatile markets. Editor Keith Fitz-Gerald runs this hyper-selective (but low-maintenance) service that only buys stocks that are going up – without fail since 2000. He overlays a value filter to find stocks worth owning, then watches their charts for a very specific and powerful “X” pattern to form. This signals that a stock is about to enter a state of high velocity – typically within a 48-hour window – and signals a “sell” the moment that velocity gives out. Average hold time is 16 months, and there’s very little trading to do in between in this stock-only system.

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high velocity profits
The stock market can seem overwhelming for many people. It looks confusing with all those charts and graphs and ticker symbols. From money market investments to trading options, you have plenty of variety when it comes to  the types of investments you make.

That’s where High Velocity Profits factors in. .

I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald, the Money Map Press chief financial strategist. Over my 33-year career, I’ve perfected several aspects of trading in the stock market, including money market investments, and now I’m sharing those secrets with you.

High Velocity Profits is all about applying a ridiculously simple pattern to your trades so you can reap huge rewards. These buy-and-hold trades can result in gains of over 500 percent per week if you’re willing to use them to your advantage.

Money Market Investments Based on Two X’s

I’m going to explore this further below, but for now, understand that the stock market doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it becomes child’s play when you understand my two X’s strategy. All you have to do is look for two symbols in the charts — one at the beginning of the play and one at the end.

The first X tells you when to buy. The second tells you when to sell.

Most buy-and-hold strategies force you to wait years to collect profits on a trade. My two-X’s system typically results in maximum profits within 16 months. If you’re saving up for your kid’s college tuition, a brand new house, a major vacation, or any other big expense, this is the perfect way to fund it.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one play in money market investments or stocks. You can do it over and over again by watching for those two little X’s.

Avoid Watching the Charts

High Velocity Profits is one of my programs, and it allows you to skip the grunt work. Instead of looking for those two X’s yourself, let me send you the information so you can execute trades based on scientific research right away.

I’m using High Velocity Profits to take the guesswork out of money market investments and other stock strategies. You’ll get access to my trade recommendations from any internet-connected device, which means you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.


Buy here… sell here…

There’s the first X… here’s the second.


It’s THAT simple.


People said I was crazy…

That making money in the markets can’t possibly be that easy.

Well, I’m here to show you just how WRONG they were.

In fact – I’m generating more money now than anyone ever thought possible.

I’ve gone from showing my readers 59% total gains per week on average in 2016 – the first full year of this strategy…

To 127% per week in 2017…

To 210% per week over the last quarter!

To 313% total per week on average over the past 30 days.


313%… per week!

That’s 62.6% every trading day for the past month…

And a more than 9.5% return on your money every hour the market is open!

All from just one type of “accelerator” play I recommend.

To put that number into perspective for you:

Warren Buffet, the world’s richest investor, became a multibillionaire on gains of 23% per year.

Right now, based on my weekly average gain of 313%, I’m showing my readers 707 times those returns!

It’s like turning a single $5,000 stake in each play into a total of $15,690 in extra cash every week

$67,990 every month

$815,880 every year.

Of course, it’s impossible for anyone to predict or guarantee the exact future performance of the markets…

But given the moonward trajectory we’re on…

And thanks to a brand new “accelerator trading strategy” I’ve perfected…

I’m going to ROCK the financial world with another wager.

Only instead of $1.95 million…

I’m going to put $9.75 million on the line that says I can show you at least 350% total gains per week on average between now and the end of 2018.

That’s $17,500 per week

Over $75,800 per month

$910,000 per year.

Results I MUST deliver in 2018 – or I’ll owe you BIG TIME.

I’ll explain it all ahead…

But the bottom line is very simple.

I can raise my “bet” five-fold because I’m 100% confident that the astronomical gains we’re seeing now will continue to accelerate.

My readers are getting the chance to make so much money right now because of these simple Xs, I don’t want you to miss out.

So, I’m going to explain everything for you here.

Today, you’ll have everything you need to use this trading method on your own…

Or you can let me send you my trade recommendations – and take me up on my astonishing $9.75 million wager.

Either way – I expect you’re going to see plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money over the coming months… and for as long as you choose to use this ridiculously simple strategy.

That’s because there’s virtually nothing to stop these gains from coming your way forever

These “Xs” show up in dozens of stocks every day – no matter what’s happening in the market… in the economy… in politics… with the FED… over in North Korea… in China… Russia… or anywhere.

Down markets or up markets – these Xs keep showing up.

Already we’ve closed out 81 winners this year alone

45 of those winners are triple-digit windfalls

That’s more than one per week on average for all of 2017!

Look at this chart and you can see the total gains adding up every month:


Now, those totals (including my average weekly gain of 313%) cover all my plays equally – whether we closed out a recommendation all at once or cashed out a portion for gains and then did it again.

Just to be clear, that’s every winner and every loser, too.

And triple-digit winners?

You’ve never seen so many come… so fast… in such a short period of time…


And keep in mind…

All these triples you’re seeing here aren’t just gains that could have happened.

These are ACTUAL gains I showed my readers.

They are 100% reality.

And here’s the most amazing thing of all:

Identifying these opportunities is as simple as spotting an “X” within a very specific stock chart…

Let me show you how easy it is right now.

Quest Diagnostics Inc. offers medical diagnostic services to patients, hospitals, and medical clinics around the world.

As you can see, its stock chart has been a thing of beauty since early 2016 – almost a straight line going up… up… up.


Now, I could have bored you with all kinds of earnings reports, industry trend studies, financial statements, and other data that might have suggested Quest Diagnostics was a good investment at the time.

But none of that matters!

Everything I needed to know was revealed on March 29, 2016…

When the green line you see here shot straight up as the red line fell… forming a very distinct “X” right here:


And look at what happened…

Quest’s stock price began a nearly uninterrupted surge higher for four straight months.

Had you been receiving the “accelerator” trade I recommended shortly after I saw this this pattern forming…

You would have had a chance to land VERIFIABLE gains of:

  • 100% in 57 days…
  • 200% in 69 days…
  • And 300% in 79 days.


Same with Altria Group.

You can see from the price action in November that there wasn’t a whole lot to love about Altria’s stock…

But that all changed on December 5, when the green line crossed the red line to form an “X” right here…


Almost immediately, the stock’s fortunes turned…

And my readers had a chance to close out some pretty impressive gains as the stock went up and up and up:

  • 107% in 41 days…
  • 201% in 63 days…
  • 347% in 86 days.


Sometimes the gains come even faster.

Like when this “X” pattern showed up recently in Synopsis Inc.’s stock chart.

There it is… the green line crosses the red – an “X” is formed.

The stock soars…

And anyone who followed my published recommendation saw a chance to make a lot of money in just over two weeks:

  • 100% in 12 days…
  • 225% in 15 days…
  • And 209% in 16 days.


Then there’s gun maker Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Green line jumps higher over the red here… an “X” is formed.


The stock soars immediately…

And my readers had a chance to close a series of gains…

Including a 100% win in a single day!

It happened again very recently with Axcelis Technologies…

A very distinctive X forms here in late September:


Just one day after my recommendation goes out – we have another 100% gain in hand.

I’ll explain what these green and red lines represent in a minute…

And I’ll show you why, when they intersect to form an “X” it creates one of the most powerful moneymaking forces you’ll ever see as an investor.

But make no mistake:

“The power of this X pattern is the most lucrative discovery I’ve ever shared in my 35 year career in the markets.”

Because when you can eliminate all the noise and clutter – and focus only on stocks that are going up… there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make.

How great of a Christmas could you have had last December racking up top gains of 100% 112% 100% 100% 50% 100% 123% 165% 39% 103% 135% 48% and 100%.

How fun would it have been for you this past summer when my recommendations rattled off top wins of 205% 201% 100% 257% 417% 100% 35% 42% 100% 100%307% 100% 100% 100% 36% 100%52% 202% 46% 238%100%and 200%

Or how lucrative these past few months with wins of 100% 35% 200% 212% 100% 50% 161% 105% 77% 100% 202% 125% 200% 200% 100% 101% 100%100% and 100%.

Now, I want to make it clear…

No investment strategy is perfect all the time.

It’s always possible a stock could quickly change directions even after the X Pattern appears – which can lead to investment losses if you’re not prepared.

That’s why I’d never recommend betting the farm on just one trade or one type of trading.

But remember – the windfalls I’m showing you today are not “wanna-coulda-mighta-hads…”

These are actual gains my readers saw from the research and recommendations I sent them.

Some were so thrilled that they took the time to shoot me a note.

Like Teresa Linton from Denver, who already cashed in tens of thousands of dollars:

“Hi Keith – I just made 117%. So far I have added $20,000 – keep them coming!”

Paul Blackmon from Plano, Texas, relies on my picks for big gains:

“I made a 116% profit. What an amazing gathering of talent – Keith’s picks are my ‘go to’ source.”

Jerry Tripp of Tyler, Texas, loves every time he closes out profits:

“Another 100% gain – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of WINNING!”

Charles Rawley of Fremont, California, just tripled his money:

“Up 300%. Keith is the bomb!”

Chris Troxell of Towaco, New Jersey, has special plans for the cash he scored:

“I’m up 100% on 1,000 shares. Plan to take my 78-year old father white water rafting with some of the money!”

Mike Clausen of Minneapolis is capturing big gains too:

“A nice 300% profit!”

Chris Roland of Maitland, Florida, keeps his risk on the conservative side even as the cash piles up:

“I only risk $300 to $500 per trade – but already I’m up almost $3,000!”

While Leslie Warner of Calgary, Canada, has never seen anything like this:

“I’ve made over $30,000 so far – I subscribe to a lot of services and [this] is by far the best out there!”

And these are just a handful of the readers we’re hearing from since I began sharing my “X” strategy.

Let me say…

I’ve been in global markets for 35 years now.


My expertise is in identifying market patterns others don’t see – and finding ways to leverage those opportunities into big, fast windfalls.

And from cutting my teeth at Wilshire Associates… which today oversees more than $8 trillion for more than 500 institutional investors…

To my role here as Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist for over two million paid members and subscribers…

Nothing I’ve seen can give you such a clear-cut signal as to when a stock is going up than when that green line crosses the red line to form an “X.”

Take a look at Teleflex and let me ask you…

Could there have been a clearer “signal” that Teleflex’s stock was about to soar than when this “X” showed up in the chart?

None that I’m aware of…

Which is why on January 18 I shot out a recommendation – and my readers who followed it had a chance to score big time:

  • 100% gains 36 days later…
  • 200% by April 20…
  • 307% by July 21…


Or Sociedad Química y Minera just a few weeks ago…

You can see it was practically begging us to trade the stock.

So I did what I’ve done hundreds of times since I made my “X” strategy public…

I sent out a recommendation…

And within two weeks, my readers could have grabbed a solid 100% gain.


Look at BWX Technologies and that beautiful “X” that formed in late July.

I put out a recommendation shortly after… and so far my readers have had a clear shot at 100% and 200% gains.


Or how about Oshkosh Corporation around the same time…

There’s no mistaking the “X” here…

And you see the steady rise in the stock price that followed.

Readers who followed my recommendation had a chance to score gains of 105% 125% and 202%.


Okay… I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you.

A lot of gains…

And frankly, we haven’t covered even half of them.

But you’re probably wondering by now…

What’s behind these X Patterns?

Where do they come from?

And why are they such a clear-cut indicator that a stock is going up in price?

This is where it gets exciting.

Because when you get to know what these Xs mean… and how they are formed…

You immediately realize what a real and permanent force they can be for making money in the market.

A powerful indicator that’s not reliant on bull markets, bear markets, interest rates, or anything else…

So how does it work?

It all comes down to something we’re all familiar with – something we all learned in high school:

The simple laws of physics.

Think about a golf ball.


Sitting on a tee, a golf ball is, well, just that – a simple golf ball.

But when a professional golfer takes back that titanium driver… powers down… and strikes that ball with a 110 mph swing speed…

That’s when everything changes…

It becomes an object in motion.

A force has been applied.

That golf ball is now in a state of high velocity.

And it stays that way until something causes it to lose forward momentum… whether it’s something sudden and blunt – like a bush or a tree limb…

Or it simply succumbs to the immutable laws of gravity and eventually falls to earth on its own.

Now, think of that golf ball when you look at this chart.

Aspen Technologies is a leading supplier of business software to over 2,100 companies, including heavyweights like Dow Chemical, BP, Exxon Mobile, Shell, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and others.

You can see here that in early 2016 – for whatever reason – the stock was struggling…

But pay close attention to April 12:


That’s when things changed.

You see how the green line suddenly rocketed straight up over the descending red line.

Now think about our professional golfer standing over that golf ball and taking the driver back.

The green line crossing up over the red is equivalent to the moment the driver makes flush contact, sending the ball – and the stock – into a state of high velocity.

High velocity was achieved when the force of Aspen’s forward momentum – the green line – was stronger than the gravitational forces trying to stop it – the red line.

And over the next 14 months, nothing could stop it. With the green line holding well above the red, Aspen’s stock stayed in a forward and upward motion…

A state of high velocity.

It soared from a low of $30 to over $62 a share – a massive move for a $4 billion company in such a short period of time.

Now, had you been following Aspen Technology in 2016 – studying their books, listening in on earnings calls, watching for every piece of news, you might have sensed this coming.

It was evident Aspen’s business was growing like gangbusters – with net income 209% over and above its fiscal year 2013 numbers.

In the same time period, its profit margins nearly doubled from just under 15% to 29.27% – a massive gain for a company its size.

Or maybe you came across a Gartner study that reported global IT software spending was expected to jump 7.2% in 2017.

All very positive news for a company as dominant in its space as Aspen Technology.

But again…

None of that mattered!

All you needed was to have seen these green and red lines form this “X”…

And you could have known – at that precise moment – that Aspen’s stock had entered a state of high velocity and it was going up.

But that’s not all.

I’d like you to take another look at the same chart…

But this time, look over here to June 13, 2017 – when the opposite happened… and the RED line moved higher over the GREEN line to form a second X.


You see what’s happening to the stock price…

Just as every golf ball in flight loses momentum no matter how hard it’s hit… gravity pushed Aspen’s stock down.


Maybe investors did some profit taking or thought the stock had become fully valued…

Again – it doesn’t matter.

That red line spiking higher is a sign the stock is losing velocity and is heading down.


I hope the magnitude of all this is hitting you like a ton of bricks…

Not only does this pattern tell you when stocks are going up – it tells you when they’re going down as well.

That’s worth repeating.

When the green line moves higher over the red line, it means 100% unequivocally the stock is rising

And when it’s the red line is moving higher over the green line… it means the stock is falling.

It’s as simple as “green light,” go…


“Red light,” stop.

Nothing could be easier.

And for my readers – Aspen Technologies was another in a long line of successes…

Delivering gains of:

  • 100% in 36 days…
  • 135% in 41 days…
  • 202% in 64 days…


You see, the same idea unfolding with VMware Inc. – ticker VMW.

On April 11, the green line shot higher to form an “X” mere days before VMware’s stock rocketed more than 10% in a single day.

And just like a golf ball being launched from the tee, the stock entered a high state of velocity…

Until early June of the next year, when the second X was formed… momentum gave way, gravity kicked in, and the stock started to fall.

Again, the exact reasons behind VMware’s rise and fall – they don’t matter.

All I needed to know was that VMware’s stock entered a high state of velocity when the first X formed…

And ended when the second X appeared.

In between, I sent out a recommendation… and again my readers were rewarded, this time with potential gains of:

  • 130% in 60 days…
  • 200% in 66 days…
  • 227% in 117 days…


Here’s Paycom Software…

April 1, 2016, the first X appears, and the stock clearly moves into a state of high velocity

Until October 20, when the red and green lines reverse, gravity takes over, and Paycom’s stock drops.

What caused the fall?

Who cares?

All I knew was that Paycom Software had entered a state of high velocity in early April when the green line crossed over the red…


And my readers saw another opportunity to pocket a 100% gain.

Now, there’s an added piece to my strategy that makes it even closer to being infallible – which I’ll address in a minute.

And, of course, I’ll never make a recommendation without vetting the stock and doing my own analysis…

But Paycom Software, VMware, Aspen Technology, Synopsis Inc., Altria Group, Quest, Teleflex… and the more than 30 other companies that have helped us generate over 80 triple-digit gains since I started sharing the X, proving one thing:

When you can have “advanced notice” that a stock is going up… it can give you a huge advantage in the market.

And nobody knows this better than my readers who follow my recommendations.

Joyce Wright has big plans for her winnings:

“I made $8,500. Plan to go on a long overdue vacation to New Zealand!”

Garret Stinson told us he’s watching everything recommendation closely:

“Up 225% – you guys have my attention! Thanks for the hard work you do.”

Here’s Teri Lawler of Denver, who loves ending her trading week with a winner:

“Keith – ended up with a 116% gain – great way to end the week!”

 Sarah Goucher from Meridian, Texas, more than doubled her money:

“I’m up 140%!”

Sean Butler of St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada, sent along this kind note:

“Made 100% on this trade – you are by far the best!”

Baldey Martin of Fremont, California, told us:

“I made 130% – money I’ll add to my retirement!”

And Lawrence Pecho of Holly, Michigan, has been picking up one winner after another:

“Just made a 117% return – High Velocity has given me many winners”

So you’re probably wondering…

What do these mysterious green and red lines represent?

Why are they such a powerful predictor of stock direction?

So powerful, in fact, that I’m willing to wager $9.75 million that they can help you become richer than you ever imagined?

Simply put, it’s a way of measuring “money and sentiment” moving in and out of any given stock

Months before most people in the market realize it.

It’s based on this calculation:

You take the number of periods for the stock, subtract the number of periods since that stock hit its highest high – you then divide that by the number of periods again.

And finally, you multiply that answer by 100.

You end up with a number – ranging between 0 and 100 – that helps you measure a stock’s “momentum” – both in terms of money entering the stock… and money leaving the stock.

Now, I know it sounds complicated, but it’s really very simple. And if you decide to follow my recommendations, you never have to know it…

But let’s say you want to use a 100-day timeframe, for simplicity’s sake.


To measure positive momentum, you would look back and count the number of days it’s been since the stock reached its 100-day high.

If it’s been 50 days… the calculation looks like this:


Of course, for that number to have relevance, you also need to measure negative momentum.

That’s done simply by changing the formula slightly:

Instead of using the 100-day “high” as a basis point, you use the 100-day low.


So as these numbers are calculated and change day by day – two “trend” lines form.


One trend line is green, which represents “money in” – and another is red, which represents “money out.”

When they cross to form our “X” – like they did here with Raytheon earlier this year…

Both forces are exactly equal.

But when the green line moves higher, it’s a sign more money is moving into the stock and, therefore, it’s gaining positive momentum.

When I saw this “X” form in Raytheon’s chart, I recommended one of my “accelerator” trades –a very simple one-click play designed to help you see big gains on even the smallest move in the stock price.

And as the stock immediately climbed higher, my readers saw a chance to close out gains of 100% 202%… and 238%


All within a three-month period.

Like I said – you’ll never have to perform these calculations to profit.

But one thing should be abundantly clear to you by now.

When you can know “in real time” when momentum is already changing in a stock – it’s an opportunity for you to make a lot of money… very fast.

And there’s no better proof of that than my High Velocity Profits track record.

Take a look:


Of the 82 triple-digit gains we’ve seen since I went public with my High Velocity strategy…

71 of them have come in LESS than 90 days…

25 have come in a month or less…

And more than a dozen triple-digit winners have come in 15 days or less.

And remember what I showed you earlier…

Just as you can make money when a stock’s gaining velocity

You can just as easily make money when it’s losing velocity.

It’s happened 24 times so far for my readers… even in this “up” market.

Look at DexCom Inc., a company that develops and sells continuous glucose monitoring systems.

You can see the stock gaining… gaining… gaining in June and July of 2015… leveling off in August and September… and then – boom!


The red line crosses above the green line September 30 and the stock literally falls over a cliff come November.

Why did it happen?

Again… it didn’t matter!

I simply issued one of my accelerator trade recommendations and my readers had a chance to pocket 281% and 381% gains in less than 37 days.

Around the same time, a similar “red-over-green” X Pattern formed within Southwestern Energy’s chart.

You can see it right here…


After some choppy trading, the red line shot clear up over the green line in July, suggesting money was leaving the stock like rats off a sinking ship.

Sure enough, the stock lost two-thirds of its value as gravity yanked it down.

But my readers had a chance to turn this catastrophe into another substantial windfall… with gains of 100% and 264% in just 26 days.

Look at online music company Pandora Media …

On March 15, a bearish X formed when the red line rocketed over the green line, signaling big trouble ahead as millions of dollars started exiting the stock.

Sure enough, gravity cut the stock in half in the months that followed…

But my readers had an opportunity to bag a fortune… with gains of:

  • 100% in 21 days…
  • 201% in 48 days…
  • 417% in 57 days…


I think you’re getting the idea…

The ability to make money whether a stock is going up or down gives you twice the opportunities to profit.

And it means you never have to stand on the sidelines if we happen to be in a down market.

You just “follow the money.”

That’s how – even with the Dow up 26% the last two years – my subscribers had a chance to score two dozen triple-digit gains on falling stocks:


And remember…

There’s absolutely NOTHING to stop these gains from continuing – week after week, month after month, year after year.

This “X” pattern appears in hundreds of stock charts every year, no matter what the market’s doing.

Nothing can affect it.

There’s nothing “emotional” about it.

It’s merely a mathematical measure of momentum – money moving in and out of a stock.

I don’t know of any surer calculation that can tell you when a stock is going up – or down.

This is not conjecture…

It’s demonstrated in the more than 114 accelerator gains I’ve closed so far…

81 – more than three quarters of them – triple-digit winners ranging from 100% to 417%.

It’s demonstrated in the 313% average weekly gains we’ve been generating lately…

A massive rate of return capable of turning $5,000 in each play into $67,990 every month…

And over $815,000 – each and every year.

And remember, too, these gains have only been accelerating since Day 1…

Which is why I’m so confident I’ll deliver even bigger gains in 2018 that I’m willing to stake over $9.75 million on it!

But before I get to that…

I’ve told you about the simple formula and how it creates those simple green and red lines.

You’ve seen over 80 examples of how I’ve been able to close out triple-digit gains for my High Velocity readers – including 45 of them from this year alone…

Just by acting when those lines form a simple X.

So I’m guessing there’s a big question on your mind right now.

Given how predictive this “X” strategy is…

Why isn’t everyone using it?

How did something this simple elude the Buffetts, the Templetons, and the Soroses of the world – not to mention every major investment bank and hedge fund?

I’m going to tell you something extremely important, so please listen carefully…

As incredible as this pattern is on its own…
It does not give us the ultimate answer.

This pattern in complete isolation does not predict, with 100% certainty, which stocks will enter a state of high velocity.

I’ll take you back to the golf analogy one more time.

You know that once a club makes contact, it’s sure to move the ball forward.


How high that ball goes and how long it stays in a state of high velocity depends a great deal on who’s hitting the ball.

If you’re a golfer, you know: Even experienced players will take a big swing now and again only to see the ball dribble a few yards off the tee.

On the other hand…

If the person swinging the driver is a tour professional – someone like Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson, or Luke List – golfers who consistently top the “longest drive” lists…

There’s a MUCH better chance of the ball reaching high velocity… soaring higher… and staying aloft longer.

The same is true of stocks.

Big money traders – the people who can make those green and red lines “jump” like they do – they aren’t perfect.

Sometimes they move a lot of money into a company that’s fundamentally flawed.

In which case it’s not likely to stay in a state of high velocity for very long.

So how do you know if a “pro” is driving the ball and not an amateur?

That requires another unique discovery that I made. And guess what? It’s just as simple as the first.

It’s called the F-Score.

If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry…

Many legendary investment bankers, traders, and top economists haven’t heard of it either.

And that’s because the F-Score wasn’t invented by some hotshot analyst at Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch.

It was created by a little-known accountant from the University of Chicago and Stanford.

His name is Joseph Piotroski.

And his F-Score is an incredibly precise metric for uncovering public companies whose share prices are susceptible to enormous profit spikes.

In other words… “PGA Professional”-caliber stocks.

Again, simplicity is the key here.

When calculating a stock’s F-Score, Piotroski compares a company’s current financial health to where it was the previous year by assigning one point for each of the following nine financial milestones that have been reached:

  1. A rise in net income.
  2. A rise in operating cash flow.
  3. A rise in return on assets.
  4. A rise in working capital.
  5. A rise in gross margin.
  6. Operating cash flow that is greater than the company’s net income.
  7. Its ratio of long-term debt to assets has fallen.
  8. Its growth rate of sales exceeds that of asset acquisition.
  9. The company has not diluted the value of its stock by issuing more new shares to the public than it bought back.

Add the nine up and you get a score.

8 or 9 means the fundamentals of the company are excellent.

0 to 2 – not so good.

Now, there’s no denying the power of the F-Score.

Studies show stocks traded using the F-Score returned anywhere from 23% to 33.9% per year on average, depending on the timeframe…

Not only does that easily beat the markets…

It even beats the returns of funds run by legendary investors like Warren Buffet and John Templeton… and pretty much every hotshot money manager on Wall Street.

What’s truly amazing about the F-Score is what it could have done for you during the 2008 credit crisis – the year the market dropped a stomach-churning 43%.


Had you only bought stocks that year based on F-Score metrics alone, you would have gained 32.6% instead.

That’s a 75.6% turnaround!


But as my High Velocity Profits track record has shown in trade after trade…

When you combine underlying fundamentals that the F-Score gives you…

With the extraordinary predictive power of the “X”…

It’s a one-two punch that can lead to unprecedented gains.

With these two high-octane tools in hand, it’s simply a matter of:

Identifying those stocks that register an 8 or 9 F-Score…

Waiting for the “X” pattern to appear…

Then executing the trade.

You can see it working its magic throughout the trades I’ve recommended…

Here’s the F-Score from my Quest Diagnostics recommendation – an impressive 8:


Here’s the green line crossing the red to form an X and the stock shooting higher:


And here are the gains:

  • 100% in 57 days…
  • 200% in 69 days…
  • 300% in 79 days.

With Altria…

Here’s the F-score:


Here’s the “X” and the stock gains that followed:


Here are the gains:

  • 107% in 41 days…
  • 201% in 63 days…
  • 347% in 86 days.

With Synopsis…

Here’s the F-Score… a perfect 9:


Here’s the green line crossing the red to form the X:


And the gains:

  • 100% in 12 days…
  • 225% in 15 days…
  • 209% in 16 days…

Of course, the F-Score confirms when stocks are struggling as well.

Only instead of an 8 or 9 score – I look for a 2 or less.

So when a stock has a low F-Score… and the red line moves higher over the green line, you know a stock’s in for a rough ride.

Like with Pandora…

Here’s the F-Score, it came in at a lowly 1:


Here’s the red line crossing the green, signaling loss of momentum and velocity…


Here are the gains that followed:

  • 100% in 21 days…
  • 201% in 48 days…
  • 417% in 57 days…

Or Southwest Energy…

Here’s the F-Score:


Here’s where the red line crossed over the green…


Here are the gains:

  • 100% in 15 days…
  • 264% in 26 days…
  • 101% in 63 days…

I think you’re getting the gist…

Time after time, this F-Score calculation combined with my “green” and “red” measures of velocity has been the recipe for staggering profits.

They can help you make big fast profits on stocks as they’re going up…

And big fast profits as they’re going down.

Take a look at Yum China Holdings…

Classic “buy” X forming here:


Classic “sell” X forming here a few months later:

And during three-month span, I recommended a trade to my readers that let them cash out gains of:

  • 100% in 35 days…
  • 205% in 42 days…
  • 257% in 63 days…

Now take a look at Golar LNG.

This time you see a red “sell” X forming here:


And a green “buy” X forming here.

What did I do?

I issued an “accelerator” trade recommendation that lets you profit when the stock price goes down instead of up…

And my readers had their first shot at a 100% gains in just five days.

As you can tell…

I’m very excited about my High Velocity Profits recommendations.

It really is a culmination of my life’s work in the markets.

I love it because the numbers never lie.

When money pours into a stock and demand soars – it can only go up.

When it leaves a stock and demand falls – it goes down.

My strategy can tell me when it’s happening in real time.

You’ve seen how simple it is.

When the green line crosses the red to form an “X” – it means the stock is moving higher.


When the red line crosses the green line to form and “X” – it means the stock is going lower.

What could be simpler?

Add the F-Score – and you have about as foolproof of a system for predicting which way a stock is going as the market can ever give you.

You’ve seen the trajectory my High Velocity Profits gains have been on…

Starting with 59% per week on average in our first full year of issuing trade recommendations…

To 127% per week on average this entire year…

To 210% over the last 13-week quarter of trading…

To 313% over the least 30 days.

It’s mind-boggling when you think about it…

If you could average 313% every week, even with just $500 in each play, that’s an extra $81,588 in a year

With a $1,000 initial stake in each play, you could have $163,716 in extra cash.

For most people – that’s another income entirely!

Raise the stakes slightly and the numbers explode.

$2,000 can get you over $326,352

$5,000 – well, that’s potentially an extra $815,880 a year

And if you can see your way to start with $12,000 stake, that could be more than $1.9 million in extra cash coming in!

I don’t care how rich you are – that’s a lot of money.

Think about how quickly you could be debt free…

Think about the homes you could buy… the places you could see… how much sooner you could retire… the financial legacy you could leave behind.

With that kind of money coming in year after year, your life could change forever.

Money worries could become a thing of the past.

Little luxuries you once thought out of reach can now be yours for the taking.

Now, you know as well as I do: There are no “sure things” when it comes to investing.

Just because we’re seeing amazing returns right now, it doesn’t mean it’s certain to continue. Which is why I never suggest investing more than you can afford to lose.

But remember…

There’s no shortage of opportunities to make money here.

My X Pattern appears in dozens of stocks every month – in any market up, down, or sideways.

So there’s nothing to stop these gains… for eternity.

It’s purely a mathematical measure of momentum – money moving in and out of stocks.

Add in the F-Score and my own analysis, it’s like a “homing device” that takes me directly to stocks that are going up – and helps me find a window where you can profit.

Just like here with Juniper Networks…

Juniper’s F-Score was a strong “8 out of 9.”

You see, the first “buy” X appeared last October…

And the second “sell” X showed up late January.

That gave my readers plenty of time to collect impressive, fast gains of 103% and 112%.


High Velocity Profits opens the door to opportunities most people might otherwise never see.

For instance, when’s the last time Orbotech showed up on your radar screen?

The Israeli technology company sure showed up on mine July 18 – when the green line shot up and the X was formed.

With the F-Score totaling 8 out of 9, I issued a recommendation July 19 – and before September was out, my readers had the chance to capture gains of 100% 161%… and 200%


And we’re still waiting for that second “sell” X to appear!

When you can harness this incredible energy…

And remember – I’ve only touched on some of the many triple-digit gains I’ve shown my readers with this strategy.

I haven’t talked about…

The 100% gain in 10 days with Hawaiian Holdings…
The 100% and 165% gain in 4 months with CDW Corp…
The 100% gain in 21 days with Curtiss Wright Corp…
The 100% gain in under 4 months with Gentex Corp…
The 123% gain in 9 days on Goldman Sachs…
The 100% gain in just over 2 months with Agilent Technologies…
The 100% gain in 78 days with Cirrus Logic…
The 100% gain in 26 days with Cooper Tire…
The 115% and 204% gains in 63 days with Trex Co…
The 102% gain in 25 days with KBR Inc…
The 100% gain in 6 days with Ionis Pharmaceutical…
The 211% and 285% gains in just over 2 months with Conn’s Inc…
The 100% gain in 31 days with Changyou.com Limited…
The 100% gain in 27 days with Sunpower Corp…
The 100% gain in 15 days on Tesla Motors…
The 100% gain in 55 days with Haliburton…
The 100% gain in 14 days with Fred Inc…
The 100% gain in 47 days on Emerge Energy Services…
The 100% gains in 71 days with Corcept Therapeutics…
The 100% gain in 14 days with Capital Senior Living.

And they continue to come fast and furious.

Over just the last few weeks we’ve seen:

202% with Oshkosh Corp…

200% with BWX Technologies…

200% with Applied Materials…

101% with Maxim Integrated Products…

100% with Pilgrim’s Pride.

And right now my High Velocity Profits strategy is showing gains in 11 open “accelerator trade” positions – with triples ranging from 112% to 284% in as little as 34 days.

So here’s the situation.

With over two years of real world trading success and the initial phase of this strategy a resounding success

I’m now ready to let a handful of new Money Morning readers share in this breakthrough strategy.

So, today I’m re-opening access to my premium trading research service High Velocity Profits for the first – and perhaps only – time this year…

And you are invited to join.

Now, it’s important to note…

Money Morning has over 2.3 million readers and paid subscribers.

What I’m offering to do for you today is unprecedented.

Nobody I’m aware of has ever promised to deliver average weekly gains equivalent to 350% for a full year… and back it up with over $9.75 million in assurances like I am doing today.

So I’m certain a lot of people will want to take part in this.

Of course, not everyone can.

Since I launched High Velocity Profits over two years ago and word spread about its success, it’s attracted more than 12,300 paid subscribers.

But there’s no possible way I can allow that many people again.

Zero to 12,300 is one thing – but 12,300 to 24,600?

There’s just no way.

That’s why I’ll only be accepting 2,500 new members – tops – through this limited invitation.

I’ll explain why that’s the case ahead.

But it comes down to this…

I’ve laid everything out for you.

I’ve shown you the formula behind my “XPattern strategy…

You’ve seen how the green and red lines are calculated…

You know how they can telegraph “big money shifts” into certain stocks long before most investors ever know…

I’ve shown you how the F-Score helps us make certain the big money is “right” – and the stocks they’re targeting are, indeed, built for long-term momentum.

But most importantly, I’ve shown you the real-world gains my High Velocity Profits have generated:

  • The more than 150 winning gains so far…
  • The 81 triple-digit winners – 45 of them this year – ranging from 100% to 417% in as little as a single day!
  • And the remarkable 313% average weekly gain over the last 30 days.

There should be no doubt left in your mind about the riches following my High Velocity trade recommendations can bring you…

All that’s left now is for you to take immediate and decisive action.

So let me quickly show you how my High Velocity Profits research service works – and how simple it is to follow.

The first thing I want to make clear is there’s no “work” on your part.

You won’t have to know the formulas… track the stocks… calculate F-Scores… none of that.

I do all of it for you.

As a member of my High Velocity Profits research service, you’ll get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make the kinds of gains you’ve seen handed to you on a silver platter.

High Velocity Email Alerts

It starts with the High Velocity Profits “Alert Recommendations” I’ll send you via email, with “straight-to-the-point” instructions, so you know exactly what to do next.


As you see here with my “Altria” recommendation, every alert leads off with an “Action to Take” overview…

For each trade, I’ll recommend two trading options.

You can buy the stock outright and ride the gains higher until the second “sell” X appears…

Or you can tap into my “accelerator” trade which targets 100% gains or better, quickly, by using simple options to take full advantage of the price momentum the stock is enjoying.

Most of the triple-digit gains I’ve shown you today, in fact, are a result of these simple-to-execute trades… including my average weekly gain of 313%.

Readers love them because, in addition to the big, fast gains they can produce… you often only have to put up a few hundred dollars to take part in the play.

So you can decide how you want to play each recommendation and how much you want to invest.

You can buy the stock, trade the option, do both… or simply sit back and watch how things play out.

You’ll see a quick “snapshot” of everything you need to take advantage of the opportunity – the name of the stock… its ticker symbol… all the pricing information… along with all the information you’ll need to place the bonus “accelerator” trade for bigger, faster gains.

You’ll get a brief overview of the company.

Then I’ll explain the F-Score.

You can see here how Altria scored a solid 8 with:


I even give you the numbers so you can see the comparisons.

Next, I’ll show you a “picture” of the play… so you can see what’s happening in terms of the price… the volume and, of course, the velocity.


You can see here how Altria clearly had everything working in its favor when I recommended it:

A rising price and a very strong green line crossing above the red showing a classic case of positive velocity.

Next I wrap up the play with an “Action to Take” recap… so you know exactly how to execute the trade online or what to tell you broker over the phone.

Each High Velocity Profits alert also has a bird’s eye “summary overview” of open plays in our portfolio so you know exactly where we stand all the time.

Urgent “Take Profit” Alerts

If there’s breaking news or a play hits a price target and it’s time to take profits, you’ll get a much shorter email alert from me:

It happened three times with Altria…

January 30… when we cashed out a gain of 107%

February 21… when we closed a 201% trade…

And March 16… when we wrapped up the trade with a 347% gain.

So, you see – it couldn’t be easier.

Free Text Notification Option


There’s also a free text alert option where every time a new “buy” or “take profit” alert goes out, a text will be sent to your phone.

These text alerts are optional. And you can turn them on or off anytime.

But given High Velocity Profits plays can move fast – we’ve had triple-digit winners as quickly as one day remember – this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a recommendation when you’re away from your email.

High Velocity Profits Digital Dossier

The instant you sign up, you’ll have complete access to my High Velocity Profits Digital Dossier.

You’ll be able to see exactly how my strategy works, get a quick tutorial on how to execute the trades, learn the fastest way to capture your profits, and much more…

Quick Start Videos


I’ll also send you two quick-start videos a week during your first month of membership.

They’re designed to give you a “visual overview” of the service, with more insights into the strategy, tips on portfolio allocation, my methodology for targeting the highest caliber stocks… suggestions for maximizing your gains, and much more.

Now, I know I’ve described a lot here…

But I’ll stress once more that you DO NOT need to understand the inner workings of this strategy to profit from it.

You will not be doing hours upon hours of market research… looking up stocks… or having to work out those “velocity” formulas I told you about earlier.

That’s my job.

Your job is simply to look for my High Velocity Profits alerts when they arrive – and decide if you want to act on my recommendation.

Based on what readers have told me – the entire process – from reading my recommendation alert to placing the trade should take about three minutes if you have an online brokerage account…

Then another three minutes to close out when I send you a profit alert.

So, you see… it’s very simple.

And if you do have any questions about the service, my VIP concierge service is ready to help you at a moment’s notice with any issues regarding your membership.

This is a team of 35 highly qualified professionals dedicated to my High Velocity Profits service.

I have worked with them specifically to help you get the most out of this opportunity.

You will be able to call or email them whenever you have questions.

So to stress the point I made earlier…

Money Morning has over 2.3 million paid members and subscribers.

They’re with us because they’re eager to explore new and exciting ways to earn outsized gains in the market.

Given the elite nature of a service like High Velocity Profits – I can only accept 2,500 new members into this service – period.

That’s about one spot for every 920 people who will see this invitation – so the demand is almost certain to outpace the supply.

And because High Velocity Profits has proven to be such a serious moneymaking opportunity – it’s not cheap.

Just consider the single day last December I recommended closing out gains of 100%… 123%… 165%… 39%… 103%… and 135%…

Or that just this past October 3 – you could have exited three trades with 100%… 202%… and 125% gains…

And when you consider we’ve averaged one triple-digit winner every week for the entirety of 2017 so far…

I don’t have to tell you how wealthy you can become as a result.

So if you’re ready to learn how to take complete control of your wealth, High Velocity Profits is for you.

Again – it’s not cheap to join. But it won’t cost you $10,000… or even the $5,000 you might expect to pay to join a service of this caliber.

Not even close.

That’s because my main objective today is to make sure that almost anyone who is ready to take part… and is ready to take this opportunity seriously… can do so.

Which is why if you act immediately…

And you’re among the 2,500 new members I’ll accept into High Velocity Profits through this invitation – the price you’ll pay for a full year’s subscription is just $1,950.

I’m also willing to guarantee my results – and your satisfaction.

Let me explain:

Guarantee #1
350% Total Average Weekly Gains in 2018
Or You Get My Research Free

I’ve mentioned my $9.75 million “wager” a couple of times now…

Let me explain it:

One of the remarkable things about our success with High Velocity Profits is the amazing trajectory our gains have been on.

From 59% per week on average when we first started… to 210% over the past quarter… to 313% the past 30 days.

It’s a remarkable rate of growth – and that’s no accident.

You see, I spent three years researching and backtesting this strategy before I felt comfortable enough to offer it to my initial group of readers.

And despite the early success we had, I’ve always known the potential for this strategy was virtually limitless.

After all – when you can know, with near 100% certainty that a stock is going up…

Factor in the historically effective F-Score – which tells you a stock could be in for a good, long run of high velocity

Throw in our enormously successful “accelerator” trade picks, which are specifically designed to capitalize on these fast, sharp movements in the stock price…

Then consider the dozens of “X” opportunities that can appear every week…

And you have what amounts to a continuous, virtually never-ending chance at big, fast triple-digit gains.

That’s why I’ll be tracking the number of triple-digit winners we generate…

As well as our average weekly gains – winner and losers…

And I’m offering up this irresistible “wager”:

If between now and the end of 2018 my accelerator trade recommendations haven’t generated at least 350% total weekly gains on average…

Simply call my team – tell us you’d like a full refund of your High Velocity Profits subscription price – and we’ll issue it on the spot… no questions asked.

You heard that right…

Even if I’m a single percentage short, and I only average 349% – you’re entitled to a full refund.

So that’s a full year of my research – a $1,950 value – yours free if I don’t perform.

With 2,500 new membership spots we’re opening right now, this guarantee alone has a conservative value of $4.87 million.

But hold on just a minute…

The amount I told you I’m willing to wager is $9.75 million not $4.87 million.

Which brings me to the second part of my bet:

If I fall short of the 350% average weekly gains – even by a solitary percentage point – I’ll not only refund your subscription fee…

I’ll give you a second year of my High Velocity Profits – yours for the asking – absolutely free!

So now you have a $3,900 commitment from me…

A refund of your original subscription – plus a free year of my premium research service…

Multiply that by the 2,500 new memberships we’re allowing through this invitation…

And that’s $9.75 million in assurances I’m putting up today.

Now, on the surface, it’s an enormous financial risk I’m taking on here.

But knowing what I know about the unlimited potential for High Velocity Profits to deliver results, I’m confident I’ll be able to “make good” on my bet.

If I do, it’ll mean you’re seeing gains that have the potential to make you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars richer in 2018 alone.

If I miss the mark – or even if I only average 349% per week (because 349% isn’t 350%) – you still have an opportunity to make some great money AND your second year of High Velocity Profits is on me.

But that’s not all…

There’s a second assurance I want to give you…

Guarantee #2
At Least 50 Triple-Digit Wins in 2018

High Velocity Profits is all about triple-digit gains.

That’s what it’s become known for – and that’s what I shoot for with every exciting “accelerator” trade I recommend.

Everyone loves triple-digit winners.

Nothing can make your day like logging on to your brokerage account and closing out a trade that just made you 100% gains or better.

Of course, the average investor is lucky to do this four, five – maybe six times in a lifetime, let alone a year…

But High Velocity Profits readers have had an opportunity to do it 45 times this year so far…

So here’s what I’d like to do for you today.

I’d like to DOUBLE UP on my 350% average weekly gain promise and add 50 triple-digit winners to the mix.

What that means is simply this:

If in 2018 I don’t deliver 350% average weekly gains AND 50 triple-digit winners – you can request a refund AND a second full year of High Velocity Profits is on me.

Now – to be clear…

Both these milestones must be met – by me and my team.

If I deliver 350% average weekly gains… but only 49 triple-digit wins – you can request a refund for this year’s subscription and get a second year of High Velocity Profits on me.

If I deliver 100 triple-digit gains… but we only average 349% weekly gains or less – same thing.

You’re entitled.

So, you see – I’ve made joining High Velocity Profits as easy and risk-free as possible.

I’ve made the research fun and easy to follow.

I’ve made the subscription very affordable.

And I’ve put $9.75 million on the line by offering you what amounts to TWO of the most amazing guarantees you’re likely to see anywhere:

GUARANTEE #1: Your money back AND second year of High Velocity Profits FREE if I can’t show you at least 50 triple-digit winners throughout 2018…

GUARANTEE #2: Your money back AND second year of High Velocity Profits FREE if my track record doesn’t average out to the equivalent of 350% weekly gains at the end of 2018.

And cashing in on either of these promises is as easy as calling your member concierge and asking for a refund and your free year.

One more thing – another little “bonus” due to the timing of this offer…

Because the performance guarantees I’m offering you today are for 2018…

And given we’re only coming into December 2017…

I’ve asked my team to make sure that your new High Velocity Profits subscription be extended through December 2018.

So, when you sign up today through this invitation, you end up getting an extra month of the service (and a little more) at no additional charge.

Now the time for action has come.

Below is a button that will take you to the membership form.

You’ve seen the incredible track record of gains this service has generated in the short time we’ve been “live” with it.

I’ve given you the best assurances I can that it will not only continue – but continue to accelerate.

In my 35 years in the markets, I’ve never seen a strategy so potent as when you combine the power of the “X” with the Piotroski F-Score indicator.

And I will challenge anyone to show you a strategy that can generate gains and triple-digit winners at the accelerating pace we have over the past two-plus years:



  • Over 150 winning gains…
  • 81 of them triple-digit winners…
  • An average holding time of just 58 days…
  • Average “accelerator trade” gains that have grown to 313% total per week on average…

I’m sorry you’ve missed out on your chance at these windfalls up until now.

The good news is you can “right this wrong” starting today.

But you do need to act quickly.

Remember – only 2,500 new High Velocity Profits members will join through the invitation you’re seeing today.

That’s roughly one spot for every 920 Money Morning readers…

And a fraction of the 12,300 who rushed in through the first invitation.

So, if you miss out this time around, there’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait once the spots are gone… or if any will ever open up again.

Within minutes of signing up you’ll receive an email with everything you need…

Including the latest High Velocity Profits recommendations…

As well as access to the member’s only High Velocity Profits website where you can see active recommendations – and your “Digital Dossier” of material.

I promise you, my High VelocityX” strategy has the potential to change your life forever.

You’ve seen the gains and how fast they can come.

So let’s not waste another moment.

Let’s make 2018 “your year of triple-digit gains.”

I can’t wait to welcome you on board!

I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald – and I want to thank you for joining me today and taking part in this presentation.

Join Now

When you have a job, a family, and other commitments, you don’t have time to watch stock market charts and hope you’re right about where a stock is heading. I provide that for you via High-Velocity Profits. These stocks and money market investments can move extremely quickly.  I want you to take full advantage so you can reap 100 to 500 percent gains from just one trade.

You can also take advantage of my free Total Wealth newsletter, which I send twice a week. It’ll teach you some of the most profitable strategies I’ve learned over my career. There’s also the Money Map Report, which packs in even more value for the beginner trader. Use these resources to grow your wealth, secure your financial future, and provide for your family.

I’m excited to work with you.

Copyright – 2017 Money Map Press, LLC. Legal Notices: Visit our Disclaimer page where we provide critical information that will help you use our work appropriately and give you a far better understanding of how our business works – both the benefits it might offer you and the inevitable limitations of our products. Additionally, you can view our company’s privacy policy here.

Copyright – 2017 Money Map Press, LLC. Legal Notices: Visit our Disclaimer page where we provide critical information that will help you use our work appropriately and give you a far better understanding of how our business works – both the benefits it might offer you and the inevitable limitations of our products. Additionally, you can view our company’s privacy policy here.

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