Why Many People Fail to Make Money Online

So many people out there have the dream of getting up when they want in the morning, moseying on over to their laptops with their cuppa joe, doing a quick update to their website or trading a few stocks, answering just a couple of emails, and seeing that their bank accounts are thriving. They want[…]


What Keith Fitz-Gerald Can Teach You About Money Management

Who is Keith Fitz-Gerald? I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald, one of the most successful stock traders in the game today and an expert on predicting the next big things when it comes to the market overall. I’m well-traveled, and I like to see the companies behind the stocks so I understand market sentiment and potential profits. The[…]


Money Management Tips for the Recent College Grad

I often give various money management tips to people in different stages of their lives. A recent college grad has different goals, needs, obstacles, and assets than a retiree with $1 million in the bank. My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald, and I’m a well-known stock trader and teacher with lots of experience under my belt.[…]


15 Best Financial Planning Practices from Finance Expert Keith Fitz Gerald

Financial planning is a big topic. It encompasses numerous aspects of your financial identity, from money market investments to estate planning. What most people don’t realize is that it’s essential if you want to build and sustain a high net worth. Sure, it sounds boring. But financial planning can hold the key to enormous success[…]


11 Most Common Financial Advice Myths

Let’s face it: Lots of bad financial advice floats around out there. When financial advice myths take hold, people spread them like gospel — and often find themselves in trouble because of it. My long history in the finance industry, as a trader and teacher, has taught me to spot and dispel these financial advice[…]


8 Personal Finance Tips to Grow and Protect Your Wealth

Personal finance isn’t everyone’s favorite subject. This is especially true when it comes to the dreaded B word — budgeting — and when they’re feeling down about their current financial situations. However, in my experience, personal finance is one of the most important skills to learn. Through developing Money Map Report and my various other[…]