Keith Fitz-Gerald: What Does Wealth Mean to You?


My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald. You might be familiar with my work or brand new to my brand. Either way, I often hear questions about what wealth means to me and how I approach it.

If you’re looking for Keith Fitz-Gerald money management tips, you’ll get them. First, though, I want to explain a little bit about what wealth means to me and how I help other people achieve their financial goals.

Am I the richest person on the planet? No. And I don’t want to be. There’s no need for the name Keith Fitz-Gerald to appear in a top-three list of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Instead, I focus on achieving my personal goals and helping others reach theirs.

How Did Keith Fitz-Gerald Gain His Reputation?


I’ve spent more than 35 years in the stock market trenches. As a professional trader and sought-after analyst, I’ve developed my skills through studying, executing, and investigating. Instead of relying on others to tell me what a particular stock will do, I figure it out for myself.

I think that everyone has a specific gift or talent they can use to make their wealth, regardless of what wealth looks like to them.

What Does Keith Fitz-Gerald Value When it Comes to Wealth Building?

As a trader, I’m constantly looking for new opportunities based on six key trends I’ve identified as reliable indicators – called the Unstoppable Trends. However, I also enjoy teaching others how to profit from the stock market, and I share my money management tips with as many people as possible.

In terms of value, I’m passionate about health and wellness, security, and comfort. Those things might look different to you than they do to me. Some people are perfectly happy making $60,000 per year and adding another $40,000 based on stock trading. Others are satisfied with less, while still more want greater wealth.

Knowing what you value can help make you more effective when it comes to making decisions and deciding what to do with your money. Some people prefer to save, some like to spend, and others keep their money under their mattresses. I prefer to show people how real money works and how it should keep working in their favor.

Do You Have to Be Keith Fitz-Gerald to Expand Your Wealth?

I was humbled when Forbes called me a “market visionary,” and I’m always grateful when people want to hear me speak or get my perspective on a topic. However, that doesn’t mean everyone has to make the stock market their whole lives.

But I always believe people should be “in to win.” That way, their money is working for them, not against them. But that doesn’t mean you have to be some sort of market wizard or rocket scientist.

You might not have a passion for stock charts, market indicators, or the other facets of the stock market, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You don’t have to be Keith Fitz-Gerald to grow your wealth. You just need to make a plan and execute it. You can learn from me how to make the most of money market investments and other investment strategies and cut down on the time needed to manage your wealth.

What are Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Best Money Management Tips for Wealth Building?

I love that more and more people are interested in investing in the stock market. Lots of people have managed to parlay tiny initial investments into five-, six-, and seven-figure returns.

But what do you need to know about money management to be successful as a trader or investor?

Know Who to Follow

You don’t want to listen to everyone when you’re making decisions about how to invest. Some people try to sell snake oil, and unfortunately, consumers buy it. The Keith Fitz-Gerald brand is, in part, dedicated to spreading positive, accurate information about investing.

Look for a few key people to follow and listen to what they say. Make sure they have a proven track record with no ulterior motives for trying to get you to invest in a specific stock or make some other investment.

Keep Going After You Lose

Yes, you will occasionally lose money in the stock market. Even though I’ve built the Keith Fitz-Gerald brand around my knowledge of the stock market and my tried-and-true money management tips, no plan is 100% foolproof. Some plays just go sideways.

The important thing is to keep going. Record your losses in your trading journal, analyze what went wrong, and jump back in the game. That’s the only way to build true wealth. If you quit because you lost $100 on a bad play, you’ll never experience the upside.

Use the Right Tools and Resources

Subscribing to my Keith Fitz-Gerald publications, researching the best brokerage firms, and educating yourself about how Wall Street works will all help you become a better investor. Maybe you want to build wealth or simply sustain it. Perhaps you’re brand new to the stock market, or maybe you’ve never made a single trade.

Whatever the case, know your specific goals and values, like I do, and create a trading strategy around them.

Diversification is a Myth – Concentrate Your Investments

I’ll cut right to the chase – diversification is one of the greatest lie foisted on the investing public. Wall Street would have you believe that the most effective way to hedge against unknown market risk is to diversify your portfolio. Their theories are pretty elegant, and they’ve been supported by countless books on the subject, academia, and billions spent on advertising. Problem is… the theory is a load of self-serving hooey. Today’s markets are more correlated than they’ve ever been, thanks to a witches’ brew of computerized trading, exchange-traded funds, and leverage. So, despite the all-too-common opinion that says just the opposite, all your investments can – and most likely will – all go down at once, if you’re diversifying like Wall Street wants you to.

That’s why I advocate you don’t diversify – you concentrate your investments, using the proprietary 50-40-10 Portfolio Model I pioneered. The model recommends holding 50% of your investing capital in “Base Builders,” roughly 40% in “Global Growth and Income,” and then the remaining 10% in “Rocket Riders.” This way, you’re effectively managing risk while, at the same time, preparing yourself for the most upside potential – leaving those indexing nay-sayers in the dust.


What does wealth mean to me? It’s a way to cultivate safety and security as well as comfort. It’s also an instrument of power that, in the right hands, can be used to better other people.

My name is Keith Fitz-Gerald, and I’ve spent my entire career focused on the stock market and investment ideas. The more I learn, the more I help people see the biggest potential profits.

Join my Money Map Report publication to learn my best money management tips and to get started with the stock market right away.

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