How Keith Fitz Gerald Chooses Trades


I hear this question a lot: “How does Keith Fitz-Gerald choose his trades?”

People see that I make lots of money in the stock market and they wonder what I’m doing differently from everyone else. It’s not that I have the highest IQ on the planet or that I have access to secret inside information. It’s that I’ve developed a strategy for choosing my trades.

There’s no one “right” way to trade stocks. Every investor has his or her own personality, strategy, and risk tolerance level. I don’t want to mess with yours.

However, I also know that I wouldn’t be writing this today if it weren’t for people who have helped me refine my techniques and find new avenues for growing my wealth. Education doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and everyone starts out with the same amount of knowledge.

Maybe you’ve been trading for years with little luck, or perhaps you’re just now thinking about opening a trading account. Knowing how I trade might allow you to improve your odds of success.

I’m Keith Fitz-Gerald, and I’d like to give you a peek into the thought processes that go into choosing trades.

Who Is Keith Fitz-Gerald?


First, if you’d like to learn more about me, feel free to visit the About Keith Fitz-Gerald page on this website. It’ll give you my biography in more detail.

What you need to know for this article is that I’m Money Map Press’s chief investment strategist. My job consists of paying very close attention to the stock market, forecast where the market is going, and share my best information with my readers.

There’s no Keith Fitz-Gerald investment playbook. I have a few simple strategies that allow me to find stock picks that are very likely to move in a specific direction. Then I act. If you subscribe to my publications, you can act on them, too.

What Is High-Velocity Profits?

One of the ways that I choose trades is to find the stocks that will generate the most profits in the least amount of time. It was that strategy that birthed High-Velocity Profits, a newsletter that helps my subscribers generate more cash when they’re investing for income purposes.

I don’t want 20 percent gains or 40 percent gains. I’d much rather have triple-digit gains — and I’m sure you feel the same way. The Keith Fitz-Gerald approach to trading involves looking for a very specific spike in price action so you can take advantage of those incredible profits.

Believe it or not, I’m looking for two small X’s. That’s the secret sauce behind my trading strategy.

But you can learn more about that by signing up for High-Velocity Profits. The subscription service include alerts for entering and exiting a trade, which removes most of the heavy lifting from your side of the equation. Best of all, you can execute these trades yourself or call your broker to have him or her handle it.

What Makes Keith Fitz-Gerald Different When it Comes to Choosing Trades?

I want to take a look at some of the things that make me different and unique when it comes to trading stocks. They might help you better understand how I choose my trades.

More Than 30 Years of Experience

Forbes called me a “Market Visionary.” That’s lofty praise, but it’s not entirely true. It’s true that I’ve predicted major economic events, including the dot-com crisis, and that I successfully navigated the 2008 financial crisis without losing my shirt.

However, what makes me different is that I have 30 years of experience under my belt. More importantly, I’ve used those years wisely.

I think the best traders are ones who hit the road and actually experience life. For instance, I can speculate about the price of coffee beans from my office chair, but what if I visit a coffee plantation and talk to the workers? I’m going to have more insight about the industry, and I’ll therefore be more likely to invest wisely in coffee bean companies.

You’ll regularly see me crisscrossing the world because I have a genuine interest in other cultures.I want to know what’s actually going on with the companies and industries in which I invest.

A Recognizable and Reliable Stock Market Pattern

From High-Velocity Profits, you’ll learn that I have a reliable stock market pattern based on velocity — in other words, stock prices that shoot up seemingly without warning. Many people think of Keith Fitz-Gerald and the X pattern synonymously.

It’s a little more complicated than looking for two little X patterns in the stock charts, but it’s a reliable way to choose stocks. That’s how I help my subscribers leverage their trading capital in the most risk-averse way possible.

Understanding the Fundamentals

There are two ways to analyze a specific stock: technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis is all about the charts. It means looking for patterns that indicate a stock is about to go up or down. If you know, for instance, that Stock XYZ will break resistance within the next two days, you might want to buy in now and sell as soon as that spike occurs.

Some investors are purists when it comes to technical analysis. They don’t consider anything else before making their trades. While that’s fine for them, it’s not the Keith Fitz-Gerald way.

Fundamental analysis is also important. How is the industry doing as a whole? What companies are poised to unleash new technologies or break into a new market? What announcements have come over the airwaves in terms of the company’s health and structure?

When you throw fundamental analysis into the mix, you’re looking at economic indicators, news, balance sheets, and other data you can’t glean from a stock chart. I think it’s a more holistic way to view trading stocks, and it’s made me a more effective trader.

A Balanced Portfolio Strategy

If you’re a member of my publication, Money Map Report, you might know that I share my model portfolio with all my subscribers. It helps them better understand my trading philosophies and how specific trades play out.

Some investors concentrate only on one area of the market, but I’m far broader. My goal is to follow the money — not the industry or sector.

I’ve made recommendations in just about every sector that you’ll find represented on an exchange. It’s all about whether a company will experience significant price movements in its stock and whether I think I can profit from it.

A balanced portfolio means looking for income stocks and growth stocks. If I know I have too many income stocks in my portfolio, I stop looking for those stocks and concentrate on growth stocks. That way, I never have too much money in any one concentration.

Focus on Retirement

Another word that has become synonymous with Keith Fitz-Gerald is retirement planning. I’m not a retirement planner by any means, but I know how important it is to protect your nest egg and make sure you’ve saved enough.

I show people how to get money back that they’re owed by the government. At the same time, I help them choose stocks that will not only grow their wealth, but also protect it.

In other words, my trades are pretty conservative.

My goal is to make money, but it’s always possible to lose. That’s the nature of any investment, whether you’re buying X shares of ABC stock or writing a check as an angel investor. The stock price can plummet unexpectedly and the business can go under.

However, I want to mitigate my risk by researching the company and making sure I have as much information as possible. If anything sets off alarm bells, I back off.

Keith Fitz-Gerald is not an emotional trader. That’s something most investors learn with experience, but I hope you learn it now. If you’re investing because you “believe in a company” or simply “want some action,” it’s time to step away from the stock charts and do something else. Otherwise, you’re likely to choose poorly.


Now you know a little more about who Keith Fitz-Gerald is and how I choose my trades. There’s no tricky computer algorithm to understand or master secret plan. It boils down to experience, careful attention, research, travel, and risk mitigation. You have it all there in one sentence.

But if you don’t trust yourself to choose the right trades, I’m here to help. I’ve taught thousands of people how to execute profitable trades over and over again, and my publications hand over the keys to better trading choices.

Whether you’re interested in money market investments, buying stock, shorting stock, investing in bonds, or something else, you can benefit from the tools and information I teach. Sign up for High-Velocity Profits so you can see how Keith Fitz-Gerald trades behind the scenes.

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